Writing Articles To Earn Money Online

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If you have been looking to earn money online, the most frequently practiced and recommended option that you would have come across is probably somehow, somewhere focused around writing articles. Technically referred to as “generating content”, let’s take a look at whether it is a viable option to make money from.

Writing Articles To Earn Money Online

The Job

In this section, we will discuss and understand what exactly the function of such a “content writer” would be. One thing is for certain, this job is performed online and remotely.
The Internet is a vast repository of information, knowledge, guides, music, videos, and pretty much everything else that you are looking to know more about. It also provides you the facility of shopping, banking, booking travel tickets, and a whole lot more. Now, while there is all that information out there, the problem still exists on how to present it. That’s where writing articles comes in.
Visit large sites like Wikipedia, eHOW, Indiatimes, or even the infamous Savita Bhabi – they all need written words. You can fulfill that need that millions of sites have by writing for them.


Now to consider the roles and responsibilities that such a writer would be expected to take on. First and foremost, since this is a freelance opportunity we are discussing, let’s make it clear that you are your own boss. The choice of finding, selecting, approaching, and performing for a writing assignment is completely on your shoulders. As a beginner in India, it’s important that you don’t loose track of what’s important when working online.
There are a few concepts that you really need to be well versed with. Understanding the basics of search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential for you to be a successful content writer online if you want to make a sizeable amount of money every month.
Your clients will enforce strict deadlines on you, which makes it important for you to gain speed in your first few weeks writing online. Many a times, you will find that the client will just provide you a certain subject (or keyword), around which you will be required to generate a certain number of articles. While it may sound quite foolish at first, it is important to understand that these articles are most probably just for the person to increase the incoming traffic on his/her website.

Earnings And Income

Now this is where you need to distinguish yourself, especially as a beginner. As someone who is just starting out in the trade, it’s important to not expect wonders. Before you even approach a client, have at least 5 sample articles prepared on 5 different subjects.
The standard rate in the industry for the time being is around $5 for every 500 words. But truth be told, since there are a whole lot of Indian willing to work for lesser, it tends to get difficult off late to find such clients. Many of them would rather give you $3-4 for every article for around 450 words. Nevertheless, once you submit good work and form a good rapport, you can always ask for an increase.

It is quite easy for pretty much anybody to earn a good $300-400 in their first month itself. That’s about 18,000 Indian rupees! Not too bad for a beginner, eh? Try beginning your job anywhere just with a BA, and you will not earn anything more 10-15,000 measly Indian rupees.
What’s great about working freelance is that you can just do it part-time, if that’s to your liking. Some money on the side never really hurt anybody. Everybody from a school student, to a housewife can begin earning money sitting at home and putting some words together.

Tips To Make More Money Online

The thing about writing for the Internet is that there are already so many people out there that it has become difficult to make a decent living without programming skills. Well, to all of that, I say whatever.

What matters is that you need to understand how to do things the right way, and more importantly, the smart way. Take a look at these essential tips that will help you generate much more than your lifestyle:
  • Approach a client with respect, but don’t act like you are a slave. It is simply pathetic the way Indian writers portray themselves as lower in mind, body and soul to their employers. After speaking to a few of my foreign clients, it has come to my notice that not only is it annoying to them, they tend to respond at least 30% less than if you approach them professionally without much informal conversation.
  • It is the Internet, and you will come across some clients that do not want to pay up. The problem is that you can’t do much about it except publish the content for yourself, and thereby make it usable by him/her. You’ll find some places where you can publish these articles, and earn some money in the related posts below this article.
  • Never promise more than you know, or less that you are worth. That’s the golden rule of feeling good about your work, and making cash writing.
  • Begin learning about the basics of SEO from day one. If you want to be amongst the premium content developers online, it’s important to get a grasp of this skill as soon as possible. Contact me if you want some help, I’ll be more than happy to help.

What do you think are some of the essential tips to be a successful writer for the Internet? Let me know in the comments below. Also, let’s discuss your experience with writing articles to earn money online too.

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