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Mumbai, Maharashtra, July 13th, 2020: Technology is moving at a very fast pace and yet some 35 million SME businesses in India don’t have an online presence. Globally almost 70% of the world’s 200 million micro businesses don’t have a website.

Websites.co.in, a Mumbai based startup is striving to solve that problem. Founded in early 2017, the startup focuses on getting businesses an online presence in an easy and effective way and within 15 minutes.  

Just within 3 years of launch, this platform has seen massive adoption with over half million app downloads from over 200 + countries. They boast paying customers from 90+ countries.


“We intended to do a pilot only in Mumbai – Andheri region which is a hub for SME and micro-businesses. However, as soon as our app went live on Google Play Store, we started getting downloads from all over the world. The second largest adoption came from Indonesia and surprisingly USA was 3rd in the list. It is truly said that if you solve a problem for India, you’ve solved it for the world.

Internationally people do not hesitate paying online and in tier two cities, we’ve found a small segment of users  are comfortable paying over the phone as well” says Kartik Raichura – Founder of Websites.co.in [ InstaWeb Labs Pvt Ltd ]

A study by Google and KPMG titled “Impact of internet and digitisation on SMBs in India,” revealed that 51 percent of digitally enabled SMBs were able to sell to customers beyond city boundaries in comparison to just 29 percent of offline SMBs. 

“India has 51 million small and medium businesses and they employ about 120 million people. (SMBs) account for 37 percent of India’s $2 trillion GDP. Although we have a large number of small businesses, 68 percent of these small businesses don’t have any web presence,” said Rajan Anandan, vice president of Southeast Asia and India at Google.

However, It’s a challenge for the business owners to establish a digital presence. The process of getting a business website is time-consuming.

The first hurdle for the average small business owner is to find a trusted website developer. 

The second hurdle is to get a quality business website made such that it makes the internet works for them and attracts business. 

The third hurdle is that business owners have to depend on an engineer every-time they want to update their website. 

And the most important being – business owners lack the expertise in digital marketing and hence find it difficult to generate leads online through their business website. 

With Websites.co.in, a business can get online in 15 minutes and make the internet work from them – realtime and on the go – through their app and web dashboards. 

Small business owners can download the app – “Websites.co.in – Instant Websites” from Google Play store or Apple App Store and create their website instantly and in a hassle-free way.

You don’t need any developer, designer, SEO agency, or marketing consultant. Just update your website regularly and make your small business bigger!

“Business owners today are very comfortable using mobile phones. Micro business owners of the world want their online business in the palm of their hands and they don’t want to be dependent on anybody else. Our mission is the empower the micro business owner to do frictionless digital journey and the 5000+ reviews you see on our app on google playstore are a testimony that we are moving in the right direction” says Dhaval Mehta – Co-founder of Websites.co.in

Websites.co.in is a pre-seed funded startup. The investment came from angels and industry stalwarts – Sauvik Banerjjee [CTO of TataCLiQ]Bhavik Desai[ERP Consultant to fortune 500 companies]Ishan Talathi [Managing Director – Leapswitch Networks Pvt. Ltd], and Vishal Bhawsinghka [ Talent Consultant – Sequoia Venture Capital and HR thought leader]

Kartik Raichura inspired by the Digital India initiative, had a strong desire to enable small and medium businesses of India. He was fortunate to find angel investors willing to fund his startup idea when he neither had the team nor the product ready. 

He says “We love the fact that our investors are industry stalwarts and bring a diverse mix of experience to the table. Their knowledge and network are far more valuable than the funds they invested. Under their guidance, we are championing the digital movement by bringing the world’s 200 million Indian business online one at a time!”

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