Why Should Travellers Visit Nepal ?

NEPAL !!! Woah... When someone says Nepal, the first thing that comes to our mind is the place full of beautiful mountains, greenery all over and rivers.2 min3 min

Nepal  as we all know is an alluring country which lies between two great countries i.e. India and China. It has been a fascinating plce for the tourists to visit. In this content we would be discussing on the reason why you should visit Nepal? 

Nepal contains ravishing flora and fauna inside it. It has amazing wonders of the nature. To bring in notice Mount Everest (Sagarmatha in local laguage), the world’s highest peak is situated here. There  are a lot of places which will bring the travellers in amazement.

  1.  Pokhara – It is the main spot for tourists. This place is famous for adventure sports, it’s flora and fauna, bachelor’s parties and many more. We can see the highest peak from Pokhara.  


  2. Chitwan – Chitwan is a National park for wild life heritage and also safari too.  

  3. PashupatiNath Temple – This temple is oldest and one of the renouned temple of the world.  
                                                                                              Pashupatinath Temple
  4. Lumbini – Lumbini, as we all know is the birth place of Gautam Budha. This place is known for peace and the culture of Buddhism.  
  5. Basantapur – Many of the people dont know but Nepal is the only country where the Living Goddess(Kumari) is worshipped.  
                                                                                                        Kumari(Living Goddess)

The thing that makes travellers excited to visit Nepal is the Narayanhitti Palace. it was lately ruled by the great kings. But due to an attack the family of the king was killed. the bullet spots where the king was killed are still preserved in that palace. Many people say that the palace there is haunted and they hear many screamings during night.
                                                                                            Nrayanhiti Palace

Now the next reason why people should visit Nepal is that this place is famous for casino. Casinos all over the Nepal are very attracting and lavishing.

Hence I would like to conclude it all by giving you all the maximum knowledge I could give for tourism in Nepal.


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