Why Is My Blog Not Making Money?

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Most bloggers and when I say most, I mean over 95% of the bloggers don’t make more than $100. So it is no surprise when the most frequently asked question by bloggers to us is “Why Is My Blog Not Making Money?”

Today we tell you the answer for – Why Your Blog Is Not Making Money!

In our earlier post, we shared with you 5 Must Know Things To Get Your Blog Right. Once you’ve read that you realize that money will not start flowing your way just because you went online and signed up for a WordPress.com account. Not on the first day for sure.

Many want to start out with a free blog and I don’t blame you for it. That’s how we Indians are wired right from birth. However starting something takes risk taking ability and Starting a Blog costs less than $1. It’s less than the cost of a cup of coffee and bloggers do not even want to spend that kind of money and then expect millions of dollars to flow their way. If you have that attitude, I am afraid that you fall in the 95% bloggers who will fail with their blog.

If you are one of them, take advantage of our Free WordPress Installation and Blog Setup Service – Start Your Blog Today. If you don’t want to do that, stop reading right here. The next part is of no use to you.

Ok, You are not among those? Great, you qualify to read further.

However, please realize that a blog is a real business. How many real businesses that make lakhs and crores cost $10?

So if you’ve purchased a domain name and a hosting, don’t pat your back just yet. There’s still a lot of work to do to get yourself in among the one’s that enjoy the Rich Internet Laptop Lifestyle.

Just because you are good at writing doesn’t automatically make you a great Internet marketeer. Just because you wrote a blog does not mean people will automatically start visiting your blog. You need to write great content and know the Do’s and Don’t of content writing to create an like and share-worthy article.

And believe me when I say, writing is the easy part. The real part is promoting the content you’ve written. You’d be surprised to learn that successful bloggers spend only 20 percent of the time writing a blog post and spend 80 percent time promoting it. You have to master social media and SEO and invest some money in buying the right tools like SEO Profiler and MassPlanner and use them to market your blog.

Believe me when I say that if you treat your blog like a real business, your blog will give you profits like a real business and the cost of running a blog that makes you a million dollars is a lot lesser than a brick and motar business that makes you a million dollars.

There are many more reasons that contribute to your failure in the blogging process, but the one’s mentioned above are the major contributors. The good part is, Now You Know – Why Your Blog Is Not Making Money!

Now that you know why you aren’t making money, rectify your mistakes and learn how you can make money blogging

Are you still going to be in the 95% bloggers that fail category? Or are you going to start building your blog like a real business. Waiting for your comments.

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