Why is it important to be happy with your workplace?

Motivation is not a onetime affair. It’s an ongoing process and not just bosses but even subordinates should take efforts to bring about a WOW culture. 2 min


We all know about those Mondays that are too mundane and boring for us to even wake up and put on our work pants. Those endless deadlines, those formal clothes, those way too long meetings are something that every working person can relate to. Happiness at workplace can be achieved by doing a job we truly relate to. We can never be miserable doing something we love.

We all have such days where we just want to relax in bed but if this happens too often, it’s a thing to worry about. Either we think we deserve better or the work is too mundane for us or we simply cannot find the motivation. Whatever the reason maybe it really doesn’t matter, what matters more is how happy we are with our lives. 

Make sure you take up projects that interest you. If you think that you are not able to find motivation talk to your seniors and the human resources and share your problems, also try and get feedback from others to understand where you stand. Try to have some meaningful conversations with your colleagues regarding matters other than work. If everything else fails, seek help from a professional. Don’t forget to meditate! It will help you shed off some stress.

To promote a happy work environment, make sure that you appreciate even the smallest gestures and, offer nothing but kindness. Now, if you are doing a group project try not to choose favourites; be professional and give fair chances. You can throw fun events so that everyone gets to know each other outside work and form a personal bond. Do read up on Zappos work culture for amazing ideas!

Motivation is not a onetime affair. It’s an ongoing process and not just bosses but even subordinates should take efforts to bring about a WOW culture. It may also help to invest in periodical psychological treatment to take care of the mental health of the employees.

Here are some initiatives taken by companies to create a happier work life. When Google lengthened its paid maternity leave policy, the rate at which new mothers quit dropped 50%! Google also offers paternal leaves to new dads. It also has an onsite gym that makes sure that the employees stay in shape.

Nordstrom has an on campus medical facility, fitness and health care centre. Here employees can work for 4 days working 10 hours each day or can work 5 days for 8 hours each day. Also, this company is known to be extremely open to same sex relationships.

A quick look at what research says about a happy workplace

  • Employees who report being happy at work take 10 times fewer sick days than unhappy employees
  • People with a best friend at work are healthier and 7x more likely to engage fully in their work
  • Happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees
  • Happy salespeople produce 37% greater sales

Please share your views on what according to you would create a happy work life? 


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