Why are Religious Paintings still very popular in India?

This blog is going to throw light on the aspects that make religious paintings still a big hit among the art aficionados3 min


Artists around the world, from thousands of years, love to take the deities and the supreme ones as their subject matter.

When there were traditional paintings, then too, depicting the tales of these supreme beings was the favourite cameo of the artists.

During the modern art movement, even though the popularity of religious paintings deteriorated a bit, there were enough people who still loved this art form.

Contemporary art came and broke the traditional shackles that limited the artists in more than one way. With the introduction of abstract and contemporary art forms, artists were free to think, imagine and create pieces that were never produced before.

Even at this time, religious themes become popular, especially among the abstract artists. You must have seen some astonishing Ganesha paintings embedded with abstractionism.

The significance of Gods in our life is extraordinarily huge. That is why paintings of these deities are still in high demand.

This blog is going to throw light on the aspects that make religious paintings still a big hit among the art aficionados. Let’s begin:

Gods inspire us

Ask anyone what is so fascinating about any fictional stories be it Harry Potter, or Lord of The Rings or be it the religious epics such as Ramayana or Mahabharata.

The answer will be they inspire us to do well.

That’s the magic of human brain, what we believe becomes our reality.

Even Gautam Buddha has also said that “A man becomes what he thinks”.

People love to see an exquisite painting of their favourite deity in their home. Not only it spiritualise and elevates the energy of the room, but it also provides warmth and a sense of security.

Religious artworks such as Shiva, Krishna or Ganesha paintings are people’s favourite in India.

We worship them (deities), we hear their stories, and we get inspired by them. Having an artwork of them in home or office is going to spruce up the aura of your surroundings.

Hard times

In a nation such as India, religion and life go hand in hand. India is a land of multiple religions, beliefs and diversities.

So the artists here also have numerous religious themes to cover on the canvas.

One major aspect that leads to the high popularity of these religious paintings is the belief that it would prevent you from bad times.

Although what is meant to happen, happens, but having a constant companion (in spirits) in form of a dazzling painting of almighty’s manifestation may make the suffering easy for you.

Past art

If we talk about India, this country has a rich heritage of religious paintings that date back to the thousands of years.

Starting from the Mithila paintings whose backstory is from the times of Ramayana.

Then comes the Pattachitra paintings whose origin is said to be from the 5th century BC. Artists used to carve beautiful patterns and colours reflecting the moments from the religious stories.

Other traditional forms of Indian art are Rajput paintings, Thanjore paintings, and Mughal paintings.
All these forms have a huge collection of paintings with the religious subject matter.

Present time

If we talk about the present time, people cannot wait to get hands on a mesmerising piece of Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga, and Ganesha paintings.

People purchase or seek such paintings for different purposes.

Like if you have bought a new home, Ganesha painting would be the perfect decorative item for your living room.

On the other hand, if it’s the festival of light, Diwali, you can gift a painting of Lord Rama to your loved ones.
Similarly, if you want an appropriate artwork for your child’s room, Ganesha painting of his childhood would be perfect to purify the environment.

In addition to this, if you are just an art aficionado, look for the blended but majestic pieces of Ganesha paintings that are done with abstractionism.

There are a plethora of religious paintings you can get for whatever goal you have in mind.

For instance, if you just want to invest in art lucratively, make sure to purchase some famous religious manifestation of Gods from renowned artists.

Be it anything, religious paintings with themes based on deities would be a good buy for you.

Final Takeaway

It is always good to think that your creator is always there for you.

Artists from centuries are trying to engrave some of the astonishing and eye-captivating paintings of Gods in order to provide a glimpse of the life of Supremes to the common man.

So don’t wait up. Get your laptop out, seek a credible online art gallery, and purchase the first set of Krishna, Shiva, Rama or Ganesha paintings now.

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Bharat Sharma