What Is Blogging? How To Start A Blog?

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Blogging – It is the passion of conveying some information to the whole world using blogs via Internet. In the modern world blogging has grown with regards to the time & also became the best platform to earn some knowledge as well as money. Almost everything is available on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc. which is very useful for everyone in the whole world.

What Is A Blog? and Who is a Blogger?

A Swarthmore student named Justin HallIn created the first blog on January, 1994 named : Links.net.

Online diarist John Barger coined the term “Weblog” in December, 1997 and in April, 1999, Peter Merholz – a programmer shortened the term “Weblog” to “Blog”.

A Blog is actually a abbreviated term for “WebLog” which as the two words describe is a log of all things on the web.

A web blogger – abbreviated and now popularly known as a “blogger” tries to create an information repository (log) on the internet (web) from his knowledge and experiences and hence the term “Weblog” or “Blog” and “blogger”

What All Do We Need To Do Blogging?

I have seen many people asking about the requirements to make a blog so here is the answer basic requirements are an internet connection which is the primary thing to publish the content and next we need to choose our required platform to do blogging.We need to have good exposure towards our content which we need to publish on our blog.Overall we need to have a perfect plan in order to start a blog.

How To Start A Blog?

There are basically two popular platforms to start blogging., They are 
  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress


Blogger is the official platform of google to start blogging in  which the features are limited to standard ones & security is very high compared to other platforms. To access blogger we need to have a google account which can be created free of cost. The domain address of blogger ends with .blogspot.com

How To Create A Blog With Blogger?

  • Create a Google Account & Visit Blogger.com 
  • Log In to your Google Account.
  • Enter Title & Address for your blog.
  • That’s It! your blog has been created.. Happy Blogging!!


WordPress is one more popular platform to start blogging. In WordPress it is divided into two types., first one is we can create a blog by going directly to WordPress official site and second one is you can purchase any hosting and can install WordPress over it. The blog which is created via WordPress official site will have domain address ending with WordPress.

How To Create A Blog With WordPress?

  • Visit WordPress.com
  • Click on create website.
  • Enter your desired site address and click on create your site and continue.
  • Enter Email & Password and proceed to next step.
  • Choose a Theme.
  • That’s It! your blog has been created.. Happy Blogging!!

There’s also self hosted WordPress Blog which is what most serious bloggers use and we recommend you start with a self hosted WordPress blog to save yourself a lot of migration headaches in future.

If you are serious about your blogging journey, sign up with any of the hosting recommendations given below in order of preference :

  1. WpEngine 
  2. HostGator
  3. Arvixe
  4. BlueHost
  5. DreamHost
  6. Inmotion

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Conclusion : In this article, We have tried to explain the basics of blogging such as the definition of blogging and the ways to create a blog. Hope everything is clearly explained in this article. If you have any queries feel free to comment and we will get to you as soon as possible.

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