Ways College Is Nothing Like School

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“College is a place to keep warm between high school and early marriage”- George Gobel


School was a place wherein over the period of fourteen years, it gave you legions of memories. Leaving them behind to start a new life seems like an arduous task. C.S. Lewis once said and I quote, “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind”. And mark his words, for he’s not wrong! College is both different and better. Once your school life gets over, you will find the ineffable life of college waiting for you with arms wide open to hold you in a tight embrace.

Here’s a glimpse of college, where you are in for a roller coaster ride.



School life was in periodic motion. You were wrapped up by a dull routine which involved waking up early in the morning, attending classes, waiting for the sun to set so that you can sleep again, only to wake up the next day and follow the same, mundane schedule. College isn’t like that. There’s no routine whatsoever. You might have 9ams daily followed by other classes, but it’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to attend them. You don’t have fixed time for eating, bathing (few times a week, anyone?) or sleeping. No day is the same. You may attend all the classes on one day, and decide to skip all and sleep the very next day.


School life was usually accompanied by a decent sleep schedule, if not great. You got enough sleep during the night and, if possible, had a share of it after school as well. Come College and you’d be left wondering what exactly was meant by a ‘sleep schedule’. There’s so much that’ll appeal you which will force you to kick the sleep out. You can just walk around, stargaze, talk aimlessly about any topic in the world, and pull all-nighters to finish a goddamn book or a TV series without worrying about the classes. Things that might have seemed useless in school would eventually become fascinating and important than sleeping.


School was the place where you were judged for the way you wore your uniform or the people you hung out with. Not watching certain movies or shows made you the fusty kid. If you were seen with books for two days straight, you were tagged as the nerd of the class. Every class was self-divided into the cool kids, the nerds, the pranksters..you get the idea. College is a time when all this disappears. Who you eat with does not define you as a person. You may dress frumpy one day and nobody would care. You can do absolutely anything you got the nerves to without being judged (a majority of the times, yes).


When you’re in school, you are in contact with people mostly from your area, culture, and your language. In college, you have an access to a beautiful multicultural environment. You get to interact with a plethora of people and listen to stories pertaining to different backgrounds. Furthermore, the best of your friendships will happen in college. Be careful though, remembering names is a strenuous task.


In school, the subjects were handpicked for you and you had no choice but to accept it. Subjects pertaining to a specific stream were bundled together and there was no way could pick one from that bundle and let go of the others.  But College gives you a myriad of courses to choose from. You can major in English and simultaneously take courses in engineering. It’s that flexible.


Teachers spoon fed you in school. Falling to turn in assignments never meant straight zeros. Teachers warned you about the deadlines. Getting an F required a lot of effort. College is a place where the instructors don’t bother about your assignments and grades. Not turning in the assignments is the least of their concern and thus, maintaining grades is entirely up to you. Quite a responsibility, eh?


Lastly, here’s a gentle reminder: Don’t forget to tighten your seat belts and enjoy every moment on the best ride ever, otherwise known as college life!



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