Ultimate Guide For Types Of Blog Posts You Can Write On Your Blog

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You want to blog more frequently but you just don’t know what to write. This is what most of our bloggers tell us. 
Today we share with you a huge list of ideas and prompts that you can use as a solid place to start for your blog posts.
Let’s Dig In.

Types Of Blog Posts

1. Reflection – deep thoughts and self-reflection. 
2. How-to/Helpful – Make it better and include pictures, videos, and other media.
3. Journal/Diary  
4. News/Announcement 
5. Marketing/Sales
6. Controversial/Debate/Editorial 
7. Reviews
8. Resource/Reference 
9. Ongoing Series
10. Informal 
11. Long Form 
12. Micro-blog 
13. Listicle – ’10 things you…’
14. Slideshows 
15. Photo Posts 
16. Podcasts 
17. Video ‘Vlogs’ 
18. Autobiography 
19. Goals 
20. Holiday 
21. Hero/Mentor 
22. Digital Citizenship 
23. Interviews 
24. Wikipedia Entry 
25. FAQ 
26. Checklist 
27. Test Review ‘Cheat Sheet’ 
28. Quiz 
29. Exit Ticket
30. Quote 
32. Satire/Funny 
33. Curated List of Resources (bibliography)
34. Interviews – Transcribe Interview Videos of others and publish.
35. Guest Author 
36. Maps 
37. World Views 
38. Problem Solve
39. Vocabulary 
40. Real World Examples 
41. Live Blog 
42. Infographic 
43. Video 
44. Poll 
45. Lists – Resources
46. Talking Avatars 
47. Presentations 
48. Comics 
49. Audio
50. VoiceThread

Don’t Stop Here

This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of blog post ideas to write online.
Do you have anything you’d like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!
Happy blogging!

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