Top 10 gadgets for the elderly that will replace their nannies

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  1. 1 Wireless Key Finder

    With this smart widget, you can easily track your lost keys with a simple push of a button. All you're required to do is simply attach the wireless key finding device to your key chain, and keep the transmitter close to you nearby your study table, in your coat packet or your handbag. In case you lose or can't recall where you've kept your keys, all you have to do is push the transmitter button on the device, it will in return trigger an alarm and you'll be able to locate where your keys are. This device works over a 50 foot radius.Price - $35
  2. 2 Deluxe Mail Chime

    This widget is going to save you the trouble of having to walk around your home to the mailbox to fetch your mail. Just fix this device near your bedroom and its receiver will send off a loud beeping sound and red LED light signals to let you know about any incoming mail. The sensor attached to the mail chime will send a wireless message to the receiver placed inside your home when the mailbox is opened.Price - $70
  3. 3 Home Heart Check

    The Home Heart Check is a very helpful and handy gadget for the older generation who are suffering from or having heart troubles. This device is, basically, a handheld ECG device pen. And you'd be surprised to know that it is the only device of its kind cleared by the FDA for consumer use. You can comfortably take ECG readings whenever you require and later send them to your doctor for consultation.Price - $280
  4. 4 Digital Peephole Viewer

    The Digital Peephole Viewer is a gadget that will replace your current peephole, eliminating the trouble and the unclear visuals you see while glancing through a peephole.This smart gadget was solely created to make the front door security system more secure and powerful. It provides a large, lucid and non darkened images of people standing outside your door.Price - $150
  5. 5 Doro Phone Easy

    Doro Phone Easy is a large buttoned keypad cell phone with a luminous and colorful display with a large text type which is quite easy to read and comprehend. This device comes equipped with a two way speaker phone and an emergency button that's placed on the back side of the phone which will allow you to place an emergency call asking for help whenever required.Price - $35
  6. 6 Gtech AirRam

    If you're sick and tired of having to bend every now and then while vacuuming your house then, Gtech AirRam is the tool for you. This lightweight device runs on a battery and is very simple to use. It doesn't take up a lot of space and very easily cleans around the corners and hard to reach places. This device is relatively powerful and can effortlessly help you clean the house in a jiffy.Price - $215
  7. 7 Multifunction Can Opener

    This device is useful for people of any generation, not just the elderly. The multi-function can/ jar opener is a really handy device that can easily open jars, cans, bottles and tight containers. All you have to do is pop the can or bottle inside the unit and just press the button, it will do the rest on its own.Price - $25
  8. 8 Limmex Emergency Watch

    This device may look like an ordinary Swiss watch, but in reality it is much more than that. This smart device is technology equipped watch that is going to help you in case you're trapped in an emergency situation. God Forbid, but in case you're stuck in an unavoidable problem, this device, on push of a small button, will connect you to an healthcare professional which will provide help to you via the watch. They can even arrange help for you, if required, by tracing you down with the help of GPS.Price - $280, plus additional charges.
  9. 9 Elderly Security Walkers

    If you're worried about your grand parents going out alone, then this is the perfect gadget to gift them. This Elderly Security Walking device known as the Zap Cane comes equipped with a taser gun which can surely stun anyone for a considerable amount of time. This gadget features an LED flashlight, can be easily recharged and has an easily adjustable design for people with different heights.Price - $75.99
  10. 10 Medical Assisting Droids

    This device is an extremely conductive and useful device that can frailly grasp your blood pressure and pulse, and later send the details to the hospital or your concerned doctor for receiving medical help. This droid can even converse with you and remind you to take your medicines on time.Price - N/A

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