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Job Interviews are a common tool for one on one interaction between a job applicant and a representative of an employer. It is conducted for the purpose of selection of an ideal employee. Job interview takes place after the evaluation of the resume and before the final selection. One can be petrified in such a situation. But it is crucial to keep a few things in mind before heading for an interview.

Here are 5 tips to face an interview :

  1. Introduce yourself with confidence- It is important to introduce yourself properly with confidence. As soon as you walk into the room , stand tall and put a smile on your face and give a firm and confident handshake.

  2.  Be clear and confident – While explaining your thoughts and ideas make sure to be very clear and confident with whatever you speak. Avoid using words that might look informal. Be very particular about you speak and sound like you really mean what you say.

  3. Avoid sharing overly personal information – You should avoid sharing your personal stories or about your personal problems as it can sound very unprofessional to the interviewer and lack of focus on the job.

  4. Don’t speak bad about your current job or superiors – One should make sure to show great respect for their current job and superiors. Avoid speaking bad about the boss or colleagues in your current job. By doing so the interviewers can have a feeling that maybe you can speak the same about them in the future. And you will fail to become an ideal choice for them.

  5. Make sure to thank your interviewers in person – Once the interview is over , make sure to thank your interviewers for giving their time to meet you and to hear about your qualifications and skills. Shake hand , give a sincere smile and say thank you to your interviewer.

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