Tips for Good Hair Care

This is for all those who love their hair and want to love even more by taking good care of them and maintaining them well. Sharing some tips that I personally follow1 min


This post is dedicated to those who ask me about my #Hairsecret 🙂
Essential Tips for Good Hair – My views (Tried, Tested and practicing) :
 1) Oiling once a week is a must.
Good hair massage helps to strengthen the roots
Leave your oily hair for about 2 hours before washing.
2) Don’t change shampoos frequently
Esp if you face hair fall issues / weak hair
Keeping your shampoo consistent helps your hair stay best. What may suit someone else may not suit you. Remember.
3) Use a good conditioner after wash
(not in the same quantity as shampoo)
4) Haircolour shampoos only help keep your colour stay a little longer. Personally,I dont care for the colour to stay longer , for me healthy and smoothe bouncy hair matters. Choose a shampoo according to what matters to you.
5) Comb your hair straight by removing all the knots after wash when they are light dry (Don’t keep towel bun after wash, leave them open)
6) Sun protection for coloured hair? Doesn’t matter! Hair needs sun as much as the body. Flaunt shine colour
7) Trim your hair (not a haircut) at intervals for even sizing.
8) Colour your hair/not ? Do it if you want to but not frequently. Once in 6 months / year should be okay. I use #TIGI haircolour © and you can see the results.

Which shampoo do I use ?  Clinic Plus 🙂
Oil : Parachute / Dabur amla / Clinic+
Conditioner : Dove / S Factor

(Not endorsing any of the brands)

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~ Shriya Khanna


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