This Trick Can Save You A Huge Sum On Your Next Car Purchase

No, the title isn't hype. You can save money on your vehicle cost and get more money for your trade-in with this one car buying trick. 1 min

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Simply watch what you say. It isn’t just what you tell the salesperson, but what you leave out that saves you money. Ten key areas to remain silent can save you a bundle. Learn to give the car salesperson the minimum amount of information needed to view the vehicles that fit your needs.

Car Shopping Tips

10. Don't let the folks at the car lot know how badly you need a car. Pretend you are leisurely shopping for a vehicle without the need for one. Your desperation for a car plays into the hands of the car salesperson. Tell them you're just in the looking phase to see what's out there. This gives you the upper hand in negotiations since you'll be able to use the attitude of "That's my offer. Take it or leave it." instead of giving that ability to the salesperson.

 9. Stay mum about your car knowledge. Do a little research before you go to the lot, but don't try to sound like a NASCAR mechanic. Don't admit to knowing nothing about cars either. Your best ploy is to take along a friend who does know cars well. Your friend can point out great features or fix a bad choice, providing you with the opportunity to agree. Set this up in advance, so it seems natural. If you go alone, say nothing about your knowledge level, but do a bit of research before you go. Identify a few favourite car models and check their reputation and reliability using a site like Consumer Reports magazine provides. You'll enter the lot knowing what cars other users reported great experiences driving.

 8. Don't name a need for the vehicle to meet or the salesperson will only show you what fits that one need. You'll cheat yourself out of seeing great vehicles that could have met multiple needs. If they ask, say you live a full life with many interests. Ask to see a range of vehicles since you're just looking.

7. You need to know your budget. The salesperson does not. Do not tell them you have a tiny budget because this can mean you're only shown the worst cars on the lot. Provide a range you'd like to spend, for instance, $20,000 to $25,000. Never reveal the maximum you can afford to spend.

6. Even if you have a dream car and can afford it, feign interest in a handful of vehicles. Fake finding things you don't like about it, like the color. If you admit to a favorite, the salesperson will likely try to have you add extras and options to drive the price higher. 

Car Trade-In Tips

5. Don't complain about your trade-in vehicle, especially not its comfort level. What means uncomfortable to you, may not be for someone of a different height or build. Get the most for your trade-in by saying less. 

4. Also, don't point out its lack of the latest bells and whistles to the salesperson. Others may not share your yearning for new accessories. Let its value be determined by the next buyer. 

3. Police tend to pull over certain makes and models of vehicles more often because they're stolen often or used in specific crime types. If you bought one of these, don't mention it. It makes it less appetizing to the car lot. 

2. Don't complain about how often you needed to have it repaired. It may have had more to do with driving conditions than the vehicle. Simply provide the service records when you trade it in. The car lot will examine these and the vehicle before reselling it. Be honest quietly.

1. You're so ready to get rid of this car, you would almost give it away, but don't tell the folks at the sales lot that. For whatever reason you're trading it in, remain cagey. The more you get in trade-in value, the less you pay in new car cost. Represent your trade in in the best light possible without lying or exaggeration. Also, shop around for the best trade in price. No need to give it away when you can get good money for it.

The less you tell the salesperson at the car lot, the more you'll save. Keep your favorite things to yourself. If they feel they have the perfect vehicle for you, they'll try to charge you more for it. It may seem backwards to leave out the details of your needs, but you'll get the best car at the best price by educating yourself before you visit the lot and by remaining silent about your needs and wants.

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