the magic of blueberry !

ever wondered "what if losing weight was yummier and healtheir?"2 min


In our day to day lives we try so many types of diets for weight loss and achieve that perfect slim body. Vegan diets, zone diets, keto diets and so many more, that might be good to manage weight but dull on the tongue. But what if I say there’s a simpler yet tastier alternative solution to a healthy weight loss? True that because a magical recipe of blueberries can do the trick! Blueberries are so essential and vital for human body and when consumed on a daily basis can do wonders. Yet its importance is underrated. A simple recipe of a blueberry smoothie can help you manage your weight as well as it boosts antioxidants levels in your body.

A glass of blueberries smoothie on a daily basis can help avoid obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Many people enjoy preparing this smoothie with plain yoghurt, added bananas with milk. Blueberries arguably has the highest number of antioxidants more than green tea, so you can imagine the impact it has in maintaining beautiful flawless skin and managing weight. Blueberries help in banishing belly fat too and lowers cholesterol level in the body. A rich smoothie made of blueberries can be an amazing energetic snack, they also promote brain function, so they are amazing breakfast option too! Blueberries are rich in folate that is essential for DNA synthesis and repair. Surprisingly it is the only fruit that even good for overall eye health too which includes cataract problems. So, without wasting time lets see how an easy homemade blueberry smoothie is made!


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Instead of going through the torture of bearing a tasteless keto, vegan dietary, why not enjoy something rich in nutrients which is yummy as well? An easy homemade blueberry smoothie can solve all the hype as well as help you loose weight the healthy way. We already know that blueberries in themselves are a rich source to various nutrients essential for a healthy body, however adding a few more ingredients like plain yoghurt and bananas or any other fruit of your choice can make it even more delicious and power packed. You can have this smoothie during any time of the day. As and when you like!


1.Blueberries are low in calories and high in antioxidants,

2.Help in repairing DNA damage, and which protect against aging and cancer,

3.Blueberries lowers blood pressure levels,

4.Blueberries prevent heart diseases and maintains brain functions to improve memory,

5.Anthocyanins in blueberries have an anti-diabetes effect and helps fight urinary tract infections,

6.It also reduces muscle damage and gives you beautiful glowy skin.

7.it helps protect from lung diseases and has vascular benefits.

8. it improves insulin sensitivity, and is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

9.blueberries rich in calcium, magnesium and zinc strengthens bones and increases bone density a well elasticity.

10.flavonoid rich blueberries help enhance moods and behaves as an amazing anti-depressant. It also promotes digestion which prevents constipation.

Blueberries in themselves are the richest sources of health and beauty. So go ahead and benefit the wonders it has!


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