The coolest antidepressant- SPORTS

" Sports has the potential to change ones thought process. It can be a healthy addiction. "2 min


We humans have modified ourselves to adjust to the modern world. But wait, what is the defination of a modern world? Who defined it? Does it even exist? Moreover, are we really happy in this modern world? 

Modernity in real is change in the lifestyle, behaviour and idea of freedom. But the world we live in has accessorised itself with fancy lifestyle, unhealthy competition, benchmarks for success and ofcourse social media. And among these cut throat competitions, social media posts and fake smiles, we have truly lost ourselves. Gradually we start having issues we cant solve for ourselves. The void within us becomes prominent and what comes next is unbearable and full of pain. Mental depression is now a comman thing among the youth. Statistical reports claim that thousands of individuals give up their lives very much due to mental illness. Chester Benington, lead vocalist of a famous music band called Linkin Park (my personal favorite) hanged himself to death while suffering from depression. In our daily lifes we come across many such people who are listless, clueless, directionless and the saddest part of everything is that they go unnoticed. People tend to ignore and hesitate to even share such things which is very much prevalent in the society. And it's a proven fact that ignorance can never be the solution or prevention of any sort of illness. 

Depression acts like a parasite that feed on our minds and make us hollow and lifeless. It takes away all our motivations and questions the very fact of living. Self-destruction, suicidal thoughts, laziness, to not socialize are the various symptoms of depresssion. Hence to overcome these is a difficult deal to crack. So when I faced the similar situations, I took the path of sports and physical fitness. 

Sports became the ultimate answer to all my questions. Strength booster, stress buster, mental peace, and physically fit body and mind are somethings which I achieved out of sport activities. Physical exercises help you to let go off your painful past while making the present really merry. 

I started off with early morning walks for 30 minutes which later turned down into morning jogs. With each passing day my workout plan became better and I started functioning better. The workout schedule extended from 30 mins to 1 hour daily in the morning. I started my day with walking, running, warm up, physical exercises like sit-ups, pushups, planck, crunches, skipping, squats followed by cooling down which included yoga, asanas, pranayams, breathing exercises and concentrated meditation. Gradually my biological clock got revised and I was able to sleep early at night. All the number of sleepless nights got lowered. During summers I joined swimming which is a tremendous sport and is highly recommended for those undergoing depression. Although I skip some days of my workout, but I try to be as regular and attached as I can be to stay away from the depressive moods. Whenever I get lost, sports find me.

Sports has the potential to change ones thought process. It can be a healthy addiction. It has saved many lives. It's got the beauty and magic which is beyond description. It helps you physically, mentally, academically and many more. 

I believe in the modern day every individual should pursue one type of sport. We should definitely take out one hour out of 24 hours for ourselves, our body. To live upto to a modern lifestyle, we got to modernize ourselves. We have to choose a state of happiness, self-believes, honesty and dedication. 

All these issues are unadressed and mental health awareness should be debated. Sports is one of the solution to this illness. It has got direct and indirect benefits. Let us all come together to help each other, save each other and fight against all our anxieties and depression. 

This is a small tale of my life for the world. Hoping they like it. 



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