The 5 Social Features That Make A Mobile App Successful

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Apparently, how we do may affect what we do.

There are 3.8 million mobile applications are available at Google Play Store and around 2 million on Apple’s App Play, making our everyday lives easier, but according to the report of TechCrunch, 84% of the users spend most of their time on just 5 apps. Facebook is one of those.  

What Makes Facebook So Engaging for the Users?

The app has extraordinary features to make a connection, whether with friends and family or brands and companies. From the “Like” button to emojis and notifications to video streaming capabilities, Facebook has always taken care of the need of users for establishing a social connection and from time to time has introduced innovative social features.

In specific categories, some mobile applications have clearly overthrown their competitors and won the trust and time of millions of users. Some of those apps are:

News: Google News

Powered by AI technology, Google News is the most sought-after and trusted news app that provides a list of the latest news story reported by different publishers. The AI technology offers a personalized experience to the users by providing news feed based on the interests of the users.

Instant Messaging App: WhatsApp

You would rarely find a person in the US without WhatsApp in their Smartphones. Phone messaging has vanished long ago, and for many Smartphone users, WhatsApp is the only way of messaging.

Note Taking App: Evernote

This cross-platform utility app enables users to take notes in different formats including audio, video, text, photos, and more to make everyday life more organized. Its home screen widgets provide quick access to the notes.    

Then, there are browsing app like Google Chrome, Cloud Storage App like Google Drive, and File Sharing App like Xender, which are highly popular among users.
Take a closer to the features of these apps, and you will find that all these apps have ensured that “how” of doing things on these apps is appealing and unique, which grips the users’ attention strongly.

The social factor on the apps, for an example, you can share your Google Drive with as many people as you want, or you can share a particular file to the user, different users can work on the same file at a time, while also can comment and share suggestions, are highly impressive.

The apps are not just about users, but also with all the other people on the same platform with which the user is connected to.

The same social feature you can experience with WhatsApp.

Users can share information in various formats, text, audio, video, images, files, and more. They can create a group of other users and share information specific to the group.

Here are 5 Must-have Social Features that Glue the Users to the Mobile Application:

Based on research by Flurry, usage of shopping apps has increased up to 54% from 2016 to 2017. In this category, there are several other applications that have gained from the engaged perspective are Music, Media & Entertainment, Business & Finance, Utilities and Productivity, and News & Magazine.

The details exhibit that most of the users seek out information and convenience in their daily lives from apps and this is the reason, it is not just the entertainment apps have made out in the list but also the apps from business, finance, and utility segment.

Organizations willing to set connection with their customers through mobile apps need to work on following social features:

1. Integration of Social Media: Allowing users to sign app through social media account will be a win-win situation for both company and user. Where the user does not have to create a different user ID and password, the company can get the access to the users’ social media profile, and so can provide personalized services for better engagement.

2. Customized Profiles: Users can create customized profiles based on their interests or aspirations. In many gaming apps, users want to create their own unique identity with a new face and name to feel more challenging and appealing.

In many review-based apps, users want to create their profile just to give reviews about a place and so should be given a chance to create their customized profile.

3. Share and Follow Friends: Ability to share with and follow friends is the key to the successful apps. According to the businessinsider.in, the top 10 most downloaded iPhone apps in the world are: Tik Tok, YouTube, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, QQ, iQiyi, and Google Maps.

All these apps enable the users to share the information with their friends and other users.  This way more and more users can share the same information and provide their opinions on the same, which ultimately increases user-engagement.

4. Newsfeed: Newsfeed allows the users to learn what other users are doing. It helps in generating interest and encouraging other users to do something similar.

Today, most of the users read news on social media apps and the newsfeed helps them to get updated as their connections are.

For example, Google Maps allows the users to share the information whey they are travelling to with their friends and Musically provides information to the other users about the latest content shared by other users.  

5. Push Notifications: These are simple advertisements, but highly compelling to drive the users to open the app and encourage them to buy.    

Most of the shopping apps use Push Notification feature to promote their application among existing users.  

If you look at the location-based service app like Foursquare, you can see that these apps have provided increased ability to the users to share their stories and experiences with friends and even attract a particular type of traveler.

Making friends with a stranger is not awkward on social media, and so explore all the features before you get into app development, also tell your app development company to come up with interesting ways of sharing information with friends and other users.


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Siya Carla

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