The 10 most unbelievable smart phone concepts that are bound to make headlines

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  1. 1 Eclipse Intuit Phone

    The first smart phone on our list is the Eclipse Intuit Phone. Designed and created by Eddie Goh, this smart phone is very similar to any other ordinary everyday smart phone that you can buy from the market. It has an influential 5 megapixel camera, a built-in intelligent software which allows you to edit and upload pictures with certain ease and comfort, an incredibly sexy slide out keyboard design with a perceptible and highly responsive touch screen. So what makes this smart phone special? Well, here's the answer. The Eclipse Intuit Smart Phone comes attached with a solar panel. It is made out of a thin solar skin which is chemically charged and which permits the phone to charge itself when it is exposed to any type of light.
  2. 2 Mobile Script

    The second smart phone on our list is the Mobile Script smart phone. Designed by Alexander Mukomelov, an Art Director at the Mukomelov Studio in Russia. This smart phone is covered in nano material which lordly converts sun light into energy for charging the phone's battery. Another fact that makes it more demandable is the fact that it has a two screen display. A small primary touch screen display and a larger screen with a 9 inch display placed on the inside in a compact position. Having this phone is like carrying a mini laptop in your pocket.
  3. 3 LG Helix Bracelet Phone

    The LG Helix Bracelet Phone designed and created by designer Rob Luna is a smart technological device which can be worn around your wrist. This smart phone has a very similar design to a slap wrap bracelet which we used to wear as kids. LG Helix comes equipped with a touch screen display, flexible circuits and what's more interesting is the fact that this concept phone is made out of black stainless steel and rubber which gives it its bendable property. The smart phone can even be attached to a belt via a magnetic charger which can be used to charge up the phone through the energy produced by the user.
  4. 4 Motorola Sparrow

    Motorola is a smart phone brand which took the cell phone market by storm. And after having a successful series of smart phone to its name, Motorola has closed in with a new concept phone, the Motorola Sparrow. What makes this smart phone interesting is the fact that it comes with all the features any retail device should posses. Motorola Sparrow is an all rounder with the features of a scanner, RFDI, POS system, credit card reading capabilities and a splendid communication network. this device is a great option for anyone who loves to shop, but hates checking out.
  5. 5 HTC 1

    Designed and created by designer Andrew Kim, the HTC 1 is an exceptional and unique smart Android device. This sturdy piece of technology was basically designed to use machined brass to help add strength to the smart phone. Other remarkable features of this phone include a strong and powerful stereo speakers that are located at both top and bottom positions of the phone, an incredible kickstand which is nothing but the bottom part of the device and a supercilious concept of having a UV light attached to it that kills the germs on the surface of the phone while you're charging it up.
  6. 6 Nokia Morph Concept Smart Phone

    Nokia Morph concept smart phone is exactly what its name signifies and basically the smartest smart phone around. It can stretch, can be rolled up, is flexible and can even clean itself. It allows the user to bend and reshape it into various shapes. And how does it do it? Well, the Nokia Morph smart uses uses the concept of nano technology which provides it its flexible, transparent and self cleansing mechanism.
  7. 7 LG Exo Smart Phone

    Designed and created by designer Benjamin Lotte. The LG Exo smart phone is a comely smart phone with fetching looks and brilliant features. It has a high strength polymer external supportive covering for keeping safe its delicate internal components. The outer body is made up of rubber that heightens its easy to use credentials and also enhances its strength. You can even change its skin color to the color of your preference.
  8. 8 Philips Fluid Flexible Concept Smart Phone

    Designed by Brazilain designer Dinard da Mata. The Philips Fluid Flexible smart phone is very analogous to the LG Helix smart phone. The one thing which makes this smart phone totally stand out is its flexibility and the other smart feature is that it supports virtual gaming controls. The Philips Fluid is a simple and easy to use device with a flexible OLED display and can easily turn into a bracelet allowing you to wear it around your wrist.
  9. 9 EmoPulse

    The EmoPulse Smile is a based on a smart watch concept and is actually a snappy and smart smart phone concept. Although the concept is not new, but the EmoPulse Smile has a larger screen display and offers vivid adaptability. The remarkable features of this phone include a 4G connectivity, USB port 3.0, a base internal storage of 256 GB and an incredible battery backup of up to 2 days. What's more is that EmoPulse is water resistant and even allows you to display any HD video on a 3D screen.
  10. 10 Kambala

    Designed by designer Ilshat Gapirov. The last smart concept phone on this list is the Kambala smart phone. This phone is basically designed to be worn around your ear and is closely akin to wearing a Bluetooth device. What makes this smart phone more interesting than it already is, the fact that it blends in with your ear once you've put it on. This is possible due to the presence of image sensors which can sense the colour of your skin or hair and change its color according to that.

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