Styles For Your Baby Bump

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Five Different Styles for Your Baby Bump

Having a baby bump can actually be fashionable in today's modern world. If you are going through a pregnancy or dreading the bump look, the fashion industry is now much more supportive of women going through that nine-month period.

In fact, there are a number of different trends and styles pregnant women have today which still can be considered not only fashionable, but downright sexy. Many celebrities haven't let their baby bumps force them into hiding. Rather, they still step out in many different formal and casual wear that show that the bump is stylish.

Maternity clothing no longer means simply trying to hide that baby bump. In fact, the whole maternity apparel industry is starting to pick up on the fact that being pregnant can still be quite sexy and appealing. Pregnant women tend to have a certain glow about them in and it shows in their appearance. Many fashion insiders suggest it is wise to flaunt that glowing look with unabashed confidence in walking about with a bump as if nothing is different about you.

If you are open to still going out in public with a baby bump, then there are several different fashion styles you can choose from. The following is a list of fashion apparel that is currently in with baby bumps.

1) Maternity dress

You don't have to wear those old-fashioned maternity sack-like dresses anymore. Fashion has hit the maternity dress market in a big way and many online websites features a wide variety of maternity dresses in various of highly fashionable styles.

Many of the maternity dresses are of simple color choice, but now involve floral designs or have stripes or even utilize a low-cut V-neck to accentuate a woman's bosom over covering up the baby bump.

Also, maternity dresses no longer are exclusively baggy, but can be quite slender. In doing so, they highlight that the other parts of a woman's body still looks great during a pregnancy. When the bump becomes more pronounced after five to seven months, then tight-fitting dresses become more fashionable because a bigger bump actually can look sexy with the right look.

However, it should be noted that the maternity look is changing even more rapidly. Maternity clothing

2) Casual jeans

Maternity jeans have adjustable bands and drawstring bottoms to allow for an expanding waistline. This is important because this allows modern women to remain casual and comfortable in some jeans even during a pregnancy.

Jeans gives off a chic, yet relaxed look when worn appropriately. For women, that is ideal since they don't want their pregnancy to force them to alter their look too much. Jeans are a way to maintain an everyday look even while the baby bump is growing. With stretchable jean waistbands, these jeans can even be worn throughout the entire nine months of the pregnancy.

3) Asymmetrical hemlines

One fashionable way to still give off a good look while your bump is expanding is through the use of asymmetrical hemlines on your shirt. This means a higher hemline which won't cause a tight-fitting bump look in the front. Meanwhile, the cascading longer hemlines around the sides and back provide a nice, fashionable look for those who are just trying a new clothing look and aren't worried about how the baby bump is affecting anything.

4) Snug sweaters

The comfortable snug look is in when it comes to maternity fashion. A nice, snug sweater or a blazer with a scarf around the neck as an accessory delivers a nice, comfortable and yet confident look from the expecting mother.

This caters to the trend of avoiding bigger, baggier clothing and going with a more slimmed down look which still accentuates your curves and silhouette. In this attire, the baby bump is just another way to show off the curves of your body.

5) Sleeveless blouse

This fashion style points toward the growing belief that you should show more skin in an effort to take away looks at the baby bump. Instead, wear sleeveless attire to show off nice skin long the arms. These are types of clothing you would regularly wear, so the feeling of not changing too much is apparent here.

This blouse is a comfortable fit for most women, so buy a blouse that may be a size or two larger than normal and then wear it like there isn't anything changing with your body and you still have fair skin and a slender look elsewhere.

6) Long dresses

Instead of the skirts or baggy dresses, a slender long-flowing dress would be a good fashion statement. The longer dresses usually do well to hide the baby bumps, but generally, show off some of your upper look with more skin and a low-cut V-neck. Women in dresses always look good and the long dress look doesn't put much of a curve on the bump, but rather provides a slender appeal for you.

A pregnant maxi dress still provides a good fashion look regardless of how your baby bump is looking.

7) Wearing a coat or jacket

One final fashion look that can work for pregnant women is the wearing of a jacket or a coat on top of their normal look. This gives a relaxed and fashionable look while the additional layer makes the baby bump look less severe. Also, a jacket can be a stylish addition that can help highlight some of the fashion apparel you are already wearing. The jacket can be in a variety of colors or designs as long as it fits with the overall fashion look you are sporting.

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