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Blogger Journeys Series !

Ask any girl and she will tell you she wants to try on or at least stay updated with the latest makeup, beauty products , fashion ,clothing, accessories, skincare … well you get the gist. 

Every girl want’s to be beautiful and stay beautiful and go beyond. 

Today in our Blogger Journeys Series we have with us Jhilmil, the owner and Editor of Beauty & Beyond
Beauty and Beyond
Jhilmil Saha – Beauty and Beyond

Jhilmil is an award winning full time blogger & part time content writer, residing in Mumbai.
Few of her noteworthy achievements include :
  • Selected as one of the best Review Blogs in India by Baggout
  • Winner of Blogadda #WillOfSteel contest
  • Winner of Blogadda #YourHonestly contest
  • Winner of Blogadda #CrashThePepsiIPL contest
  • Winner in Parachute Advansed #SlowDownZindgi contest
  • Winner in Garnier Fructis #HappyHair contest
  • 2nd place in Everscoop How To Contest
  • Runner Up in Indiblogger Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash contest
  • Listed as one of the top 6 Indian blogs for Skincare Solution by The Khadi Shop
  • Liebster Awards
  • Sunshine Award
  • Versatile Blogger Award
  • Indihero
  • Indiblogger Sunsilk Natural Recharge Runner-Up
  • Healthkart Beauty Blogger of the Month Runner Up

I’m sure you are excited to know about her blogging journey. Without further ado, here’s the interview excerpts :

  • Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?
        I used to work for a big Computer Org. and was quite serious about my career but had to quit my job to travel overseas with my husband. My blog was created during my stay in Belgium.
My blog Beauty & Beyond is about beauty in general, beauty product reviews, fashion,food, home decor & lifestyle. It touches every aspect a woman generally encounters in her day to day life.
  • Describe how did you first get involved into blogging? What inspired you to start your blog?
      This is interesting. I started my blog just to pen down my daily thoughts and observations regarding anything beautiful, like if I see a nice flower while going for a walk, I would take a picture and write a few lines about it.
Beauty of nature, people around me and most important my passion for makeup and skincare has been a joint force of inspiration to start the blog.

  • Which genre and niche do you write on? What do you love most about blogging?
I write mostly on beauty and fashion. However, you can get a glimpse of food, lifestyle with some personal articles as well.
Blogging is the channel through which I can connect with so many people. I like the fact that I can share my views and experiences with others which may help them, and I get a lot of tips from them. Its the best way to connect with people with similar interests.
  • What is your blogging style and philosophy?
I write what I feel, I pen down my own experiences and views.
My philosophy is to believe in what I do, value my reader’s feedback and keep on doing the hard work.
  • Who according to you should take up blogging as a full time career?
My team consists of me and Airene who is a Std XII student. Its up to her what she wants to take up as a career, but she will do a great job as a full time blogger too. She is talented.
  • As a blogger, what aspects do you expect newbie bloggers to work upon?
I get a lot of mails from upcoming bloggers, some of whom are really passionate about blogging but some are just interested in the freebies.  I would like to tell them, love what you do and show the passion in your work. Your hard work and passion will surely pay.
With more and more bloggers joining taking up blogging as a career, do you think blogging will become yet another rat race?
It has already become one, however, again I will repeat those who blog for the love of blogging, will definitely get their dues.
  • Can you name some of your favorite bloggers and explain why they are your favorites?
Very difficult, really!! I admire the kind of hard work and dedication that most of my blogger friends put behind their blog. I am a big fan of Ankita of Corallista for the amazing makeup and Cynthia from Indian Vanity Case for the personalized touch. A lot of friends are there like Natasha from My Little World of Makeup for her great skincare suggestions, Vipra from ForeverMagnifico for the oh-so-cool fashion posts and Khushboo from Munniofalltrades for her subtle humor.
  • What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?
When you are giving your 100% to something, you expect at least 1% in return, blogging sometimes fails to return and that causes frustration. But I overcome fast.
  • Is blogging your profession or just a hobby?
It started as a hobby and has slowly transitioned to a profession.
  • What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog?
I cook, watch movies and spend quality time with my family and friends.
  • How frequently do you update your blog and are you satisfied with it?
I try to do it everyday.
I am ok with how it is going, but there is a lot of work to be done on my blog.
  • What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?
There have been many moments like that, starting from meeting deadlines to write about topics that may be considered a taboo, a lot!! But life without challenges is just boring.
  • What is the biggest difference in your life post-blogging?
The love and recognition from all. The amount of love I get from my readers is immense and keeps me motivated all the time.
  • Did you have any professional help or did you create the blog yourself?
I had created my blog on my own. Recently I have got my domain and Abhishek from Floatingmonster is to be credited for that. Heena from ICynosure and Fatima from Health, Beauty & Food always help me out with valuable feed backs and suggestions
  • What’s your blog promotion strategy? How do you ensure you keep acquired new readers and how do you retain your existing readerbase?
I have never paid to promote my blog. I love to write and my readers love what I write. I try to connect with them and I am really thankful to each one of those who read my blog.
  • What message would you like to give to the bloggers of the world?
Blogging is one of the biggest platforms today. It is where you can express your self, you can share your experiences. It is a source through which thousands of others can learn something  and can be benefited with. Just spread love, knowledge and positivity through what you write.
  •  What would you say that is the greatest satisfaction of being a blogger? 
As I said, blogging is the best way to express your feelings. Pen is mightier than Sword and as a blogger it is an immense pleasure to share my opinion and thoughts about anything on my blog.
  • Anything else that you’d like to share with our readers?
Always be positive, work hard and try to enjoy life the way it comes!!

I want to thank blogging.co.in for creating this amazing platform for bloggers. It is a noble initiative and I am sure a lot of us would be benefited out of it.
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