Special Apps Available For Offline Reading

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If there is no time to read an article on the internet or there is a connectivity problem, then you can save online content with the help of certain apps and read it offline.

     1.Early Edition 2

You may be shocked to see its high price (260 INR), but when you see its output on the iPad, you will feel that it is better than other apps. This app takes news from different sources and presents them in a newspaper format. It also lets you choose the subjects you want to follow. When you are online, this app downloads the news according to your favorite news headlines.

     2.Press Reader

The special thing about this app is that it works on almost every platform. You can run it on android, windows, blackberry, and IOS easily. In return for a subscription fee, this app gives you access to over 2000 newspapers. If you want, you can download the whole newspaper and can read in the free time.


If you are searching for an app that selects the news of your choice and downloads them on your device, then longform is the best for you. It chooses the most important news presents them in a clean format. There is no tension of advertisements in its content.


How good would be if you can convert your favorite articles into an ebook and can read it anytime on Kindle, iPad or any handset? Yes, readlists do the same thing. Cut-paste the URL of the articles you want in the eBook form and the ebook will be readily available. You can put it on any device.


First, the name of this app was ‘Read it letter’. After saving the articles in it, you can easily read them. You just have to choose the article you want to read. After this, the app will keep the content ready for reading. There is no tension of internet connectivity in it.


This app is good for those people who like to bookmark pages, but cannot return to those pages. It lets you read web pages later. There is no advertisement or flashing banner in it. It is not free. If you have been troubled by so many bookmarks, then this app can present your reading content in front of you properly. This app can be very useful for online readers.


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