Some Travel Hacks to Help You On Your Next Trip

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By Vrinda Gupta


Are you finally going on that vacation to Goa you’ve been planning since 11th grade? Or maybe you’re getting ready to go to that office trip you’ve been dreading for weeks. Regardless, you’ll find these travel hacks helpful. Bon Voyage!  


     1.Keep it light

Especially when travelling him solo. I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot, but for something that gets emphasized as much, it doesn’t really get followed. I’ve seen people lugging three bags for a 2-day trip. You might think keeping that curling iron is essential, but that won’t help when you’re carry bags twice your weight. Your mom will try to stuff your bags with more food- don’t let her.

     2.Power Bank will be your savior

The mortality of your battery life will not come in way of your Instagram photo uploading schedule if you carry a power bank. It is necessary to have charging on the go. Have multiple if possible, when travelling with a group of friends (they tend to hog).

     3.Carry your own sheets and pillow if possible

You can never tell what condition your hotel bedding will be in. If you’re particular about that kind of thing, carry a sheet you can spread over the mattress, and maybe a sheet you can cover yourself with. Carry your pillow if you’re on a long trip, I know I cannot sleep on anyone’s pillow but my own if I don’t want to wake up with a stiff neck.

     4.Google Maps, your best friend

When that stranger you asked directions from makes you turn at the second left and you find yourself on a deserted path to nowhere, turn to Google maps. Better yet, let it guide you since the very beginning. While in a strange city, always have your data connection recharged and have quick, ready access to Google Maps. You’ll never be lost that way


You might not have instant access to them. Essentials like cold, cough, fever, nausea, stomach, are a must. When that diarrhea strikes, you’ll want to have your solution at hand.

     6.Comfortable Footwear

How will you climb up that tree to take the perfect Instagram photo, if you’re in blistered feet and hobbling? Do not carry new shoes while travelling, before already having broken into them.

     7.Keep all your bills

It’s a great way to keep track of your expenditure. And to split bills up evenly among a group (I still await the day where a fair division will happen). Even with your stay at a hotel, keep track of what you’re ordering from room service- you can always tally it up with the bill they give you.

     8.Mosquito Protection

India- the land of culture, colors, and incessant bugs & insects. Keep some Odomos at hand, if you don’t want to spend the night swatting at the buggers and scratching at your arm.

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