social security

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mixed economy comprising of social welfare and privatisation the role of social security is somewhat blurred and unrecognised in this vast country elections come and go never ever is the question of security among working sector is ever defied or argued in political debates. the most important is left out easily. instead they try to grab your attention on issues which can make you emotional instead of being practical. the young generation in India still unaware of what social security is and what happened when you get it , is unaware of its advantages as well , we are growing everyday inch by inch with all efforts but with no security. people have ideas , knowledge , discoveries but no security for them and there family which is key role in making any progress. the security of being able to support  family while  still working on my project and ideas and inventions. people don’t take one step ahead just because they think if they will work on something which will yield future generation a great deal of help while the present will suffer a bit they take step behind. from time to time india has proved itself a great nation of invention but today with great minds we don’t have a great system to give assurance to our own generation wether they ever will be able to build there dream nation with hard work and no tension of what happens to there family while they are still there working all day night


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