[Social Media Tip] How to increase your Facebook Posts Reach in 7 Simple Steps !

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The simplest guide, 7 Tips to help you increase your Facebook Post’s Reach!

Social Media, rings a bell? Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc, etc. the list of newer and newer Social Media Platforms is growing and determining the perfect combination of which platforms you can use, is the most important step with social media promotions.

As per the reach statistics, here are the top platforms you must use:

  •       Facebook
  •       Whatsapp
  •       Twitter
  •       Google+
  •       Pintrest

Apart from these you can definitely add whatever mediums like Linkedin or Instagram to your list and determine the perfect combination for yourself.

Let’s start with Facebook. 

Here’s 7 simple steps that will help you increase your Facebook posts reach :

1.   Your Profile:

Create it in such a way, that it reflects your core category as your field of interest.

With your Social Media Mix ready, obviously the first step would be creating a very attractive profile on them.
The first thing people will notice before reading your links will be your profile picture along with the attractive details you have provided. READ: Attractive doesn’t mean Fake! It simply means focusing on your most positive quality and building up an image that makes the person on the opposite end take you seriously and read your work.
Since you are promoting your own content, it is evident that someone who comes across your profile will expect you to have read a few books and see leading authors and newspapers in your ‘Likes’. 

So keep in mind the image you want to project and accordingly get to work:

1.      Decent Display picture.
2.      Attractive cover photo.
3.      Well furnished self description and details added to the relevant sections.

   Your social media profiles are all set to get rolling!

2.   Add friends:
Add as many as possible, that way when you post stuff on your time-line you are already reaching those people who are in your list. 

3.   Posting on your Time-Line:
·        Add an imagefrom the article you are sharing along with a catchy description followed by your link.
·        Descriptions where you spark curiosity work wonders in grabbing eye-balls and so does the image. Tag peopleon the images of your links, you will initially have people cursing you but learning to be ‘shameless’ is the key to successful marketing!
·        Since you are working with a team, you can definitely tag them in all your posts and they will do the same for you, increasingyour post reach and helping your team members as well.

4.   Join groups:
 Now that you know what your core category is, join as many groups relating to that category.
 You should also join general groups for E.g: India, Mumbai, Borivli (search by names of stations and localities).
*Tip: check whether the group has a membership of more than 1000 people, otherwise it’s pointless joining.

5.   Posting in groups:
·        FB blocksyou if you post the same link beyond a limit, there are also chances of someone marking you as spam, so time your promotions and ensure you know what quantum you are dealing with.
·        The same format of posting using photographs along with a catch description and your links works best for posting in groups.
·        Leaving only the link or a link with the attachment of the web-page doesn’t quite help in getting ‘clicks’.

6.   Pages:
Like as many pages as you want, it really doesn’t makemuch of a difference. FB is all the more strict about posting on pages than groups, it immediately blocksyou if the number of posts goes beyond an average of 3-4 pages so posting on pages is entirely your call, we don’t recommend it!

7.   Use Hash tags and @ tags in your posts: 

Firstly let us get some clarity on both of these tags:
·        Simply put, when you hash tag a word, it forms a tag and your post get’s added to a collectionof other posts with the same hash tag, so when someone clicks on a hash tagged word say #Facebook,he finds all the posts that have used #Facebookand will end up finding your post, increasing your traffic.
·        As you might have noticed once you use the @ sign followed by a word FB on its own gives out suggestionsof pages or groups with the same name, so once you use the @ sign and select a page from the suggestions FB has provided your post on its own gets posted on that page.

Tip : If you want quick results and you have some money to invest, then you must buy Facebook marketing automation software – *MassPlanner. The best part is you can try the software for 5 days absolutely free. The monthly license costs $9.95/month but I have personally purchased the six month license which is a steal at $ 44.95/for six months.

So there you have it. Facebook summed up in 7 simple steps, use these and get your page view numbers cracking instantaneously! 

We’d love to hear your comments on this method. 

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