Simple Affiliate Marketing Method to make money online

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Everyone’s looking to understand how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

Today we’re going to discuss a very simple method that you can start your journey into affiliate marketing with.

This method is straight to the point and can be used to generate a quick cash. 

Even if you have a low budget this method is the best choice for you because it will give you a constant positive ROI,for every 6$ you spend you will receive 13$ or more back every time .

Its very easy and anyone can do it just follow my guide and take action .

Let s Get Started !

What is required from you:

You must have a bing account and belong to a CPA network/Affiliate Network if you dont have a CPA Account or affiliate account i recommend :
CPA Networks : Eadsmedia.com Maxbounty Peerfly Adworkmedia
if you want to join a netwok tell them the truth , if you are a newbie tell them you want to promote the niche that you want and you are using bing as a traffic source .
Affiliate Networks : Clickbank.com Jvzoo.com Warriorplus etc

If you dont have a bing account :
Buy a coupon from fiverr , the coupon works worldwide.

What Type of Offers and Products To Use?

CPA offers :
Games Health/Fitness Make Money Online Ecommerce
Affiliate Products :
Self Help
Make Money Online Softwares

Let s start the campaign

Now you should have everything ready . Login to your bing account
Create a Campaign
Name your campaign something you can keep track of.
Set your budget to accelerated , so your ads can show for every search .
Choose united states , from my own experience always the us traffic converts, you can test others coutries if want 🙂
Check the box : show ads to people in your targeted location .

Ad title: product or offer name Ad text: product or offer benfits Display url:producturl.com Destination url:your affiliate link
Very important Click adveanced setting make sure you uncheck the content network box, if you leave that checked you might wake up the morning and $50 even $300 went down the drain .
Now listen to me , the only keyword we will use is the product name or the offer name, why because when people search for the product name 80% want to buy this product .
For example i want to promote followergrabber.com
the keyword will be followergrabber and follower grabber
if i want to promote a game offer for example onepeiceonline.com keywords :
one peice online onepeiceonline
with this strategy for every 4 clicks i get sale or conversion .

You Can Also Scale This Method:
Contact the vendor from the sale page and tell him you like his product and you want to promote it with bing ads , and and ask him for a discount coupon
if he gives you a coupon you will make more $$$ because when people will search for a product and see your ad with a discount coupon , 90% will buy the product from your aff link and you will benefit .
That s it .

This method is garanteed and and you will make money if you follow my guide so take action .

Simple + straight to the point + effective.

Internet marketing is all about testing , so what you need to do now choose 6 products or offers test , remove non profitale campaigns and spend more money on the successfull campaigns .
that s what top marketers do they test differents offers and they spend money on the successfull campaigns .

You will make money with this system , but I want you to be very successfull Learn about tracking , its very important for every intenet marketer so learn my friend about tracking .

I hope you enjoyed my guide, now you should take action and start creating you campaigns .
Have a nice day

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