SEOprofiler Review – A Full Featured SEO Software Tool

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SEOprofiler Review – A Full Featured SEO Software Tool

If you do SEO, blogging or create websites to earn a living, then you must be constantly on the hunt for a the best SEO tools. Today I’m going to talk about a full featured SEO software tool called – SEOprofiler.

I was introduced to SEOprofiler by an email that I got recently. It immediately intrigued my curiosity and I started exploring the website for all the information I could soak in. I mean who wouldn’t be fascinated with it, the mailer mentioned the tool could just do about everything that I needed to build a great blog. Do take a look at the mailer below :

New: Get top 10 rankings on Google
J. SelbachEasy to use, comprehensive and affordable: the new full-featured SEO solution that helps you to get high rankings and more sales.
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You get access to multiple SEO tools:
»Detailed ranking checks on Google, Yahoo and Bing with actionable items.
»Proven optimization tool that leads to top 10 rankings on Google.
»The most detailed competitive backlink, ranking and AdWords analysis.
»Powerful backlink buildings tools, sophisticated link manager.
»Comprehensive keyword research tools for SEO and SEM.
»Wow your clients and your boss with impressive white-label PDF reports.
Try SEOprofiler now

I also started reading a lot of reviews about it and started understanding what this tool is and is not. For one, this is not one of those tools like MoneyRobot, that will automatically build thousands of back-links for your website. Let’s be real, autopilot backlink tools generally get us in trouble most of the times and should be avoided like plague. However, if you are looking at fully automated SEO solutions, we will cover the recommended one’s in another blog post.

SEOprofiler does not create backlinks automatically. It only uses so-called white-hat SEO methods that follow Google’s guidelines. The tool costs as less as 49$ per month for the basic package and you can try out the smart package for just 1$ for the first month ( I’ve just got started on the trial package myself ).
Just as I logged into the SEOprofiler dashboard, it reminded me a lot of the OpenLinkProfiler.org free seo tool that most amateur bloggers use to get backlinks data on their competitors. I visited OpenLinkProfiler and sure enough found out that it was owned by SEOProfiler as a free trial to hook bloggers in when they are young. If you haven’t tried openlinkprofiler, you should definitely give it a try. It’s free!
So coming back to SEOProfiler, the dashboard is just amazing and has a wealth of data. I never knew that the keywords that were driving traffic to my site were worth about $ 250,000/- per month. Check the screenshot below :

The Rankings Monitor let’s you track about 1000 keywords and their rankings in google, bing and yahoo across 89 countries and tells you which one’s are in the top 100 positions. And that’s not all, it also tells you which keywords can do better ( under the tab opportunities ) and which keywords are losing rankings (under the tab alerts).

Oh, while getting too technical, I almost forgot to tell you about the link disinfection tool. That one is just freaking amazing and alone makes up for the cost of the monthly subscription fee. The tool showed me 358 backlinks that had a very low influence score and were considered high risk. They were probably the reason why my site had lost some traffic in the past few months. All I had to do was download the csv file and submit it in the disavow tool provided by google and voila, I had got rid of all my bad links.

Apart from that, I really liked the automated website submission tool in leading high PR search engines. It only took them 10 minutes to submit my website to all of them and they even sent me the submission report via email. Apart from that, they have a local hub submission tool which shows you websites where you should submit your website to get local rankings. I was happy with just that but then I bumped across the starter links section which lets me get 458 easy backlinks from reputable sources by following their simple instructions. That’s got to be impressive.

There are many other SEO tools out there like Web CEO, Raven, Moz and the following table compares all features of Moz, Raven and SEOprofiler:

SP Smart
MozRavenSP Standard
Ranking monitor
Check rankings on Google, Yahoo & Bingno
Number of keywords in ranking monitor300no1,000500
Search depth50 resultsno100 results100 results
Get actionable itemsnono
Website audit
Weekly audit
Number of links and pages50,00010,00050,00020,000
Web page optimization
On page optimizationno
Readability checkernono
Link building tools
Backlink analyzer
Get backlinks by category, etc.nono
Hub findernono
Backlink managerno
Link manager links50,00050,00010,000
Backlink optimizernono
Link opportunity findernolimited
Starter backlinksno
Automatic backlink checknolimited
Contact information finderno
Competitive intelligence
Competitor backlink spylimited
Competitor Google AdWords spynono
Competitor Google ranking spynono
Social media checker
Check social media mentionsnolimited
Check likes and clicksno
Analyze Twitter followersno
Website submission
Automatic search engine submissionnono
Submission to article directories, etc.nono
Website analytics
Integrates with Google Analyticsno
Submission to article directories, etc.
Keyword research
Keyword suggestion toolno
Keyword difficulty toolno
Competitor keyword spy toolnono
AdWords keyword optimization toolsnono
PDF reports
Create PDF reports
White label reportslimitedlimitedno

I will be updating this blogpost again as I explore more however, it seems to me that this tool is definitely worth a shot for as less as 1 $ for the first month trial.

If you are convinced do give it a try and let us know how it plays out for you.

I’m waiting to hear your reviews and comments on SEOprofiler.

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