Why is there such a big contrast, what are the major dissimilarities and what determines the macro from the micro?2 min

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If there’s one key asset or resource that any kind of entrepreneur running any sort of business is looking for, it’s the propensity to boost their business from a micro-level to a macroeconomic level. It’s obvious to state that there’s competition in every kind of business, may it be a company selling lawnmowers or a graphic design firm. But what separates the best-selling lawnmowers of a multi-national company from the average in-town micro-level lawnmower selling business? Why is there such a big contrast, what are the major dissimilarities and what determines the bulk or the profit?

In this new golden era of technology if you’re not communicating to the world, then you’re in trouble, especially in terms of marketing. Even if an individual human being is not online or active on any of the multiple platforms available to us these days, the person doesn’t exist! It’s as simple as that, ATTENTION is the asset! There were days when the internet didn’t exist and that was the time where it was extremely difficult to even sell your product in another city. 

It’s the 21st century, and it is time for the entrepreneur to broadcast, advertise, produce content and most importantly use social media to announce that your company exists! And that it is not any less better than your competition. If you’re not using these platforms to your firms’ advantage, you are vulnerable! And if you already are investing in an advertising agency but still experiencing a downfall, then invest your time and look through the perspective of the audience. Because to be able to grab the attention of an audience you need to know the audience and the game! Grab your audiences’ attention as much as you can on as many platforms as possible because if you don’t, someone else will, and overtime they will take your audience. 

You as an entrepreneur or designer or content creator need to realize and figure out how you are going to communicate to the world. The number one thing one shouldn’t do is create friction for your audience, whether you’re building a business, or running a political office, or raising money for a non-profit the first thing to focus on is to amass attention. Attention is the one thing we’re bound by because we all need it to achieve what we want to achieve. 

Amazon disrupted the market and became a multi-national company through technological innovation and mass-scale. They did this by being the biggest spender on Google and using those ads that were underpriced to become one of the biggest companies in the world. It comes to a point where the thesis or the strategy is not the problem to be able to grow your business, now it’s about digitalization and learning how to cope up with it.

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133 points
Nirant Choksi

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