Reasons you fall prey to ‘Illness’

Suppressing minor diseases causes major diseases in our body. To avoid asthma , cancer ,diabetes like major diseases never suppress fever ,cold or any skin problems.1 min


Whoever you see is sufferring from some kind of disease whether it be cough, cold ,fever ,asthma or cancer .

  •  Here you will get to know the reasons of falling prey to illness :-

Our body has been made with so much perfection that it has the function of purification when needed on its own .We fill our body with so many impurities through eating, drinking and breathing as the environment is being polluted in every possible way.

To purify your body and throw the impurities out of it, you get fever and cold.

  •   Now the question arises "How does the fever purify your body ?"  

As you give heat and boil water to get it purified, the same way your body gets heated which we call "fever". When you take the allopathy medicines to cure that fever or cold, these medicines cool down your body and suppress those impurities in ur body itself and hence the process of purification of the body gets ruined and disturbed badly.

These suppressed impurities try to get out of your body somehow again and again and this way you get other diseases like skin problems etc.

Again taking allopathy medicines we suppress those skin problems and now those impurities get into the form of any major disease and this way your body reaches to major diseases.

  • Things you should never do in fever :-
  1. Never take injections in fever because this is the main cause of polio in people.
  2. Never take allopathy medicines as they suppress the disease and cause major diseases afterwards.
  • Cure fever this way to avoid major diseases:-
  1. Instead of allopathy medicines prefer ayurveda or homoeopathy medicines because they focus on uprooting the disease instead of suppressing it and help you to get over the fever fast , heating up the body fast and in right way.
  2. Prefer eatables which provide more energy even when eaten in small amount.
  3. Take Giloy Juice .(This is the most powerful remedy for dengue fever.)
  4. Eat dry grapes as it has endless benefits .
  5. Drink lemon tea or black tea and put some jaggery in it.

If the fever or cold is treated keeping the above suggestions in mind ,I bet you are never going to have any major disease.

I hope the information provided above helps you to lead a healthy and happy life .


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