Rare Facts About ‘Friends’

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Comedy Central has been running and rerunning F.R.I.E.N.D.S for the past two years now, and it is not going to stop in 2018. Comedy Central even displays a fact about the show after every break. The show has been loved by individuals belonging to all age groups, and does not fail in bringing a smile to our faces no matter how many times we watch it. F.R.I.E.N.D.S fanatics probably know everything there is to know about the show. However, there still might be some surprises.


  1. The show was originally called Insomnia Café and then Six of One, before finally calling it F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  2. Joey and Monica were intended to be the key love interests and not Ross and Rachel, but the latter had extreme chemistry off stage. Monica was not supposed to end up with Chandler. But that turned out surprisingly well!
  3. An average episode took about five hours to shoot, owing to the live audience and set changes.
  4. Speaking of live audience, all the cliffhanger episodes did not have a live audience. The writers wanted to maintain suspense.
  5. The live audience was also unaware as to when Janice was to make an entrance. It was a surprise for them, so the hooting you here every time she chimes in with her “Oh. My. God!” is not fake.
  6. In the first season, the cast members were paid $22,000 per episode. By the final season, the were paid $1,000,000 per episode.
  7. Lisa Kudrow was pregnant in real-life, which is how the storyline of Phoebe carrying her brother Frank’s triplets developed.
  8. The show originally revolved around four friends. Phoebe and Chandler were to be supporting characters. Thank God this did not turn out the way it was intended, because both of these characters are loved and quoted by everyone.
  9. All of the six main characters have kissed one another over the course of ten seasons, barring Phoebe and Monica.
  10. There have been a few instances where other characters thought Chandler was gay. When Lisa Kudrow first read the script, she thought the same.
  11. Famous television show host Ellen DeGeneres was offered the role of Phoebe, but she turned it down.
  12. Matt LeBlanc was down to his last $11 when he bagged the role of Joey. Could he BE any luckier?
  13. Gunther did not have a name till the middle of the second season, neither did he have a line till the thirty-third episode of the show.
  14. At the end of the tenth season, each cast member was given a piece of the sidewalk outside Central Perk as a keepsake.
  15. In ‘The One Where No One is Ready’, Matt Le Blanc had actually broken his shoulder around that time, which is why Joey’s broken arm had to be written into the show.
  16. Joey and Chandler’s big white dog actually belonged to Jennifer Aniston, as it was given to her as a good luck gift when she started the show.
  17. The two episodes revolving around Rachel giving birth to Emma were shot right after Courtney Cox had just had a miscarriage.
  18. David Schwimmer was the first actor to be cast in the show, and he has directed ten episodes for the same.
  19. Jennifer Aniston was the last character to be cast, but at least she did get to play Rachel, otherwise we would not have had the iconic Rachel haircut (which Jennifer herself hated).
  20. The cast always did a huddle before starting filming each episode.

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