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Be it a big MNC or a small organization , the search of a good employee has become mandatory. One should have certain qualities that every employer look for since they have had an experience with both good and bad employees. In Spite of just preparing a good resume these qualities play a very important role to galvanize the employer. Thus, it has become a herculean task to impress the employer .

So here are 5 qualities that employers look for when they’re hiring :

1.Communication skills– One of the most important skills that are observed by every employer is the way you speak and communicate. It is very important to work on your communications skills before you head forward to meet an employer.

2. Work ethic- One must follow the work ethics . A good work ethic not only includes to be goal oriented and altruistic but also to work for the betterment of the company as a whole.

3. Determination and persistence – It is very important to have qualities of being determined and persistent. Every employer look for employees who are determined to do the work .

4. Ability to work with harmony – It is very important to maintain harmony while working with the co workers. If an employee cannot maintain harmony while working with co workers they are not said to be ideal for the job. Thus, one should maintain harmony in the workplace.

5. Honesty– Another important trait is to be honest and loyal. If an employee will lie to his coworkers he will not be able to become an ideal employee and won’t be able to impress the employer.

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