Powerful Backlinks List that will explode your traffic.

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Powerful Backlinks

Backlinks are important and while everyone who is anyone will tell you build content and backlinks will come, the reality is far from it.

Take a look at the best and largest of websites and you will see them deploying a huge amount of off page SEO contracted staff that will build links for them. We’ve been contacted by several really large corporates for paid backlink opportunities and so we know this first hand.

Traffic is revenue and massive traffic comes from search engines when you rank well. And to rank well, what do you need? Backlinks!

Now, there are all kinds of SEO’s out there who will tell you all kinds of things. The reality is, your links should come from relevant sites which are authority in your niche. For example, if you are a food blogger, you should get backlinks from other blogs and websites that deal with the same or similar topics. Getting a backlink from a dog breeding related website for your food blog will possibly do more bad than good.

Today we’re sharing a list of powerful websites that will explode your blog traffic.

Powerful BacklinksPowerful Backlinks to explode your blog traffic.

The best part is, there are ways you can utilise this list to ensure they become relevant to your blog niche. So without further ado, start building backlinks to your blog from these sites:

Video Sites

Did you know Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine? Clearly you don’t want to miss out building backlinks from authority video sites. It’s as easy as creating some video content in your niche and putting your links in the description.

A lot of bloggers do the rookie mistake of just putting links in the video descriptions and calling it a day. Your video links get a lot more power if you use comment on a lot of other popular videos in your own niche.

Here’s how it works : Your Blog gets links from

  • < Link power from your YouTube Video
  • < Link power to your YouTube Channel from your comments
  • < Link power to your YouTube channel from places where your video shows up as related video
  • < Link power from popular channels that you have subscribed to.

All that link power on to your YouTube Video which ultimately links to your blog, gives you link juice and SEO benefit from hundreds and thousands of pages.

Now that you understand the relevance and power of it, what are you waiting for? Start building links on these video sites:

  1. youtube.com
  2. twitch.tv
  3. dailymotion.com
  4. vimeo.com
  5. vube.com
  6. flickr.com

Photography Sites

Now you are wondering, you are no photographer – Why should you be getting links from photography sites? The answer is simple, because no one else is doing it. Not just that, these are high authority sites and each relevant link you build will give your blog a huge search engine ranking position improvement.

Just grab a decent camera and click some photos in your niche. If you are a food blogger, click some awesome pics of deserts or something. They don’t have to be great, but do the best you can. Then simply register on these sites mentioned below and put those pictures for sale. You can build a do-follow backlink from them to your blog. The more photos you upload the more pages that will link to your blog. The more the better.

  1. istockphoto.com
  2. shutterstock.com
  3. dreamstime.com
  4. foap.com


Yes, let’s get a backlink from Apple.com 🙂

Ever heard of podcasts and itunes? All you need to do is create a podcast in your niche and upload it on itunes.apple.com . They let you link to your blog from there. The more the podcasts and subscribers, the higher your link value will be. And even if it doesn’t succeed, hey you’ve still got a backlink from Apple. How many people can claim to have that?

There’s a software called Odiogo. What it does is, it converts your articles into audio format. A lot of bloggers simple run it and convert all of their blogposts into audible podcasts and then upload that to iTunes and soundcloud . They get a very high authority backlink, a huge SERP boost and possibly also some regular listeners and subscribers.

  1. itunes.apple.com (odiogo – convert articles to audio)
  2. soundcloud.com

Commenting Systems

Everyone loves comments eh? I’m sure you love comments too from your readers on your blog. A lot of blogs and media publications use comment systems of Disqus and LiveFyre. Find those authority sites and leave comments on those from your Disqus and LiveFyre accounts. Both these commenting systems allow you to have your blog link in your profile. The more comments you make from relevant blogs, the more power and link juice you get from your Disqus and LiveFyre profile links.

You can also find websites that use livefyre comment system by googling “conversation powered by LiveFyre” “your niche” . Find those sites and comment on them to improve your rankings.

Another very high authority site to note is Ted.com . Find videos in your niche and leave valuable comments from your profile on them. Your profile gets a lot of relevance from those comments and your profile link to your blog will pass that link juice to improve your rankings.

Yahoo Groups are another great source of backlinks. Find relevant groups or create groups and put your blog link in the about page. The more users that join your group, the more power your group page gets and in turn that juice flows to your blog to improve your ranking.

  1. disqus.com
  2. livefyre.com
  3. Ted.com
  4. groups.yahoo.com

Social Media Sites

This list is a no brainer. You definitely have to create presence of your blog in these sites.

If your blog has a female audience then you definitely can’t miss Pinterest.     Create backlinks from profiles and create boards and pins of relevant content from your blog. Re-pin and comment on relevant niche boards to pass link juice.


  1. Pinterest.com ( profile link, pins, comments )
  2. Twitter.com ( profile link and tweet links )
  3. Reddit.com ( start a sub-reddit )
  4. Visual.ly ( Create Infographic and do influencer email marketing to get your infographic shared on other blogs )
  5. Storify.com ( share a story with links )
  6. Behance.net ( create portfolio and profile links )
  7. plus.google.com ( The nearest you can get to get a backlink directly from google. Each shared link in an update is a backlink apart from profile links)
  8. stumbleupon.com ( bookmark links )
  9. vk.com ( Russian social network with high authority for profile links )
  10. tumblr.com ( High authority backlinks from blog and profile )
  11. delicious.com ( Social bookmarking )
  12. myspace.com ( Profile backlink from high authority site )
  13. groups.diigo.com/index ( Create a group and get backlink from high authority site )
  14. facebook.com ( Backlinks from relevant groups, profile links, fan pages and updates )

Academic Sites

Publish academic papers and get a backlink from the below sites. Ensure that the academic research paper is related to your niche. Huge authority power flows from relevance and instantly boosts your search engine positions with this.

  1. Academia.edu
  2. springer.com
  3. Elsevier.com


Can you get backlinks from relevant pages of these high authority sites? Sure, you can. Give it a try. If your links stick, you will not only get a boost in search engine rankings, but also direct traffic.

  1. Wikipedia.com
  2. TheFullWiki.org
  3. WikiHow.com

Software Sites

Create screensaver or calculators or simpler software for your niche and upload it on the below sites. Getting a backlink from the below high authority sites helps a lot. You may have to hire a freelancer to get your software developed first though.

  1. download.com
  2. portableapps.com
  3. freewarefiles.com
  4. tucows.com
  5. softpedia.com

Technical Support Sites

Ask stupid questions on the below sites for backlinks, even if you know the answer. They are high authority sites and a backlink with relevant backlink from these goes a long way. Don’t overdo it !

  1. WordPress.org/support/topic
  2. help.com
  3. sitepoint.com/forums
  4. groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/feedburner

Press Release Submissions

Submit press releases with sensational headlines like – “World’s first — that will blow your mind” or “80 percent discount coupon code for revolutionary —- ”

These kind of titles get picked up by a lot of media sites. Use them to get backlinks.

  1. PrWeb.com
  2. PrNewsWire.com

Author Contributions

Generally if you are an expert you can write to the editors of these publications and submit a content with backlinks to your site from your author profile. Its not easy and that’s probably why its a lot more valuable.  Or you can contact us and we can help you with it.  These are expensive, so contact us only if you have a decent budget.

  1. Huffingtonpost.com
  2. theconversation.com/uk
  3. forbes.com
  4. voices.yahoo.com

Local Business Sites

Local business listings help. Period! Get backlinks from the below list.

  1. bbb.org
  2. yelp.com
  3. google.com/business/
  4. smallbusiness.yahoo.com/local-listings

Document Sharing Sites

Create some documents that are helpful to your audience and then upload it on the below sites. Ensure that your documents have a backlink to your blog.

  1. Scribd.com
  2. docs.google.com
  3. slideshare.net
  4. ManagementParadise.com

Question and Answer Sites

Answer and build backlinks from relevant questions in your niche. You’re sure to get a search engine traffic boost and also a few regular visitors.

  1. Askville.amazon.com
  2. Answers.yahoo.com
  3. Quora.com

We’ve seen massive traffic flow in after we built backlinks to some of our sites and our clients sites.

Try it and let us know your results. Some of you may see results immediately, some in the next few weeks. We’re eager to hear from you!

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