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Personality or personality development is a vast concept .One cannot limit the traits that form a good personality be it openness or our extrovert nature or the way we react in certain situations, there is so much more to it. It is both consistent and enduring.  I have always believed that personality is something way more attractive than anything else be it appearance or intelligence.

One can have good looks and knowledge of the entire world yet  they can lack a good personality. Personality can always impress anyone as it not only grabs attention but also makes us look attractive. One can say that it naturally makes a person look way more attractive than who they actually are. I personally don’t think that looks have anything to do with who we are on the inside , it is much more than that . A good personality can easily help in leaving a good impact on anyone. We can easily influence people if we have a good personality, i.e. ,good  qualities or characteristics. It can also be linked to confidence. As an individual with a good personality can gain confidence through appreciation and encouragement that we get from our colleagues, or people around us.  A good personality has become important in every aspect of life, beginning from a small group of friends to our work field. Some of us inherit these qualities and others derive it with experience and age .

Here are few tips and tricks that can help  in forming a better personality in our day to day life :


  1. We should keep our self open to new ideas, that is, acceptive in nature. One should not restrict themselves and try to think of unusual things . One needs to be creative and imaginative . But as they say, nothing in excess is good . So one should make sure that they are not high on openness as it can be perceived as lack of focus and can be assumed as risky behaviour in certain situations.

  2. Another trait involves dutiful nature or someone who is particular or diligent in nature. Such a person seeks attention of many and is said is suitable not only in a group of friends but even in workplace. We should always be careful and attentive about things around us in order to be more confident about our actions.

  3. One should not try to take out leaf from someone’s book or try to imitate someone . Everyone is unique and it is not necessary that something that is good for them will be good for us too. It can lead to a big failure as well. One should try to take lessons from other successful people and try to improve on what they lack . Copying or imitating is just not the right way to do things, rather, we should try to make the most of our unique qualities as it can impress others in a way someone else cannot.

  4. Another important trait is to be able to trust on others or cooperate with them . A person who cannot trust on others do not have a positive impact as they reflect a lack of confidence on others that some people might not like. Thus, we should try to keep trust on others and cooperate with them.

  5. Dressing up well is one of the other basic characteristics in forming a good personality. However, some people have this misconception that copying someone else’s dressing style or wearing something just because others are wearing it is a way to look good. However, it is not the right way. One should dress up for themselves and to reflect their own personality. One should feel comfortable in what they wear. Something that is not over the top. Dressing up is an external way of forming a good personality.

These were a few tips and tricks to improve your personality without making much efforts. Last but not the least,

Personality plays an important part in influencing others or believing on oneself, and  hence , important for anyone and everyone.

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