Need an escape from every day’s tiring life? Take a trip to Bali!

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Known as Island of the Gods, Bali has the whole package for your next exciting vacation. Away from rattling and frenetic life in city, Bali serves you the much needed break. Here are some things you must definitely try if you are heading to this beautiful city in Indonesia.

Where to stay?

Despite of various Hotels with all luxuries you must live with locals here. Balinese people are kind and have a different culture from any other part in world including India. Imagine having fun and thrill for entire day in city and returning back to same at place you are staying. That is exactly how you would feel if you are staying with strangers. Exchanging your life stories, challenging language barriers and not only witnessing but also living in different culture is an experience you must take.

From the Horizon

Beginning in morning, you must watch the sunrise from Munduk, area which is on the top in northern side. Bali being on equator gives you aesthetic scenery of sunrise spreading completely over the horizon from mountains to ocean and all over the place wherever your eyes could possibly reach.

Eyes of God

Bali will give you a long lost rebound with nature. From rice terraces in Tegalalang to Dinosaur Head in Nusa Penida there are several destinations where you can glorify the beauty of nature. You can pop up on the top of temples which lie on highlands through which you embrace the view of beautiful mountains magnificently lying along the coast and forest just as God must see.

Dive right in

From gorgeous beaches to stunning waterfalls Bali has got them all. You can swim in the plunge pool of waterfall. You must try surfing in Bali, even if you can’t. Kuta’s beaches have sandy beach breaks that ease your way in learning surfing. If you can’t swim you can enjoy scuba diving with best trainers. Enjoying inside views of ocean and witnessing life underneath is the pleasure you will never feel anywhere else.


Travelling to any place in the world is incomplete without trying all the possible adventures there. You can take a bike ride, surf, hike, trek, scuba dive, raft and do many other activities in Bali. Instead of devoting an entire day on adventures you should rather spread them out on different days. In this way you can soak up all possible fun you could do at one place and check out the place from your Bali bucket list.

From Nature’s basket

Food in Bali is like getting food served directly from Nature’s dish. You must try continental food and also various vegan dishes which have an incredible combination of fruits and vegetables served in organic plating which makes taste even better.

by  Patel Naitri Ashvinkumar 

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