This is a short conversation between the fetus and her mother. It signifies the eternal bond between the two.1 min


“Hello, cutie-pie! How are you enjoying your day? Time for some healthy breakfast, darling.”She took a bite of an apple and drank milk.”I am so excited to have you. What music do you like? Ok, stay calm!! Let me play a piece of soft music. I guess it will soothe you. Don’t worry I will drive the car safely. You won’t be disturbed. Everyone is looking at you. There is a surprise waiting for you.”

“Finally finished my work. Now tell me which dress is beautiful. I think red suits you, dear. Let us walk along the lane. What do you wish to become in the future? You can be anything if you want to. I know it’s dark and uncomfortable over there. Don’t worry I am there for you. Time to sleep and remember I love you so much. Today we are visiting the doctor. You will be fine and will be photographed. I am so excited.”

“I LOVE YOU, dear. I am sorry. The world is full of mechanical people with complex brain structures. They won’t understand us. They are business minded. Your only sin is to be a little girl. I MISS YOU, sweetheart.”

This time there was a small voice from her womb.”I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU, MOMMY”


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