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    Remembering about SNACKS….. One of the most convenient, inexpensive, nutritious, good for you and delicious: they have it all !!!!. Peanuts are the most popular and consumed nuts in the United States and can be found nearly everywhere . Perfect for a snack, a handful of these nuts provide a highly nutrient food for less than 200 calories which makes it as a good bargain.

    According to the peanut Institute, the peanut plant originated in South America, probably domesticated and cultivated in the valleys of Paraguay. Spread by European explorers and traders, these thing happens always…..the plant eventually reached Asia, Africa and then North America. Millions of peanut are grown and consumed around the world. Actually peanuts started to be produced in large quantities in 1900’s due to the growing popularity of peanut butter, peanut candies and other peanut products.

    Although peanut comes in many varieties, four main type can be found: Virginia peanuts, Runner peanuts, Spanish peanuts, Valenica peanuts. Peanuts are a wonderful food, rich in nutrients and flavor. The combination of fiber and protein in peanuts satiate hunger . Thus, eating peanuts helps. Manage weight and provide the key nutrients that are important in a diet. Peanuts are also natural energy booster that contains healthy fats, proteins and antioxidants.

    And the most important fact which make PEANUTS one of the most valuable creations of God , that it can decrease your risk of heart disease, Diabetes and other chronic health condition. Peanut butter is also full of good fat also know as monounsaturated fats that is heart healthy and prevents belly fat that people get carbohydrates or saturated fat. Pureed peanuts is also great to infuse nutty goodness into a variety of dishes such as soups, sauces, bread mixes, salsa recipes, salad dressings and pasta dishes.

    A longtime people favorite, peanut offers countless healthy properties and natural nutrition to all population and age groups, peanuts enhance the flavor and boost the nutritional value of food dishes from breakfast and snacks to dinner and even dessert. As a nut oil, flour or butter , peanuts are very versatile and tasty ingredient.