As for a girl, investment in the right products is one of the most important thing you can do to make sure that your remy hair extensions is silky and smooth3 min


As for a girl, investment in the right products is one of the most important thing you can do to make sure that your remy hair extensions is silky and smooth. Chemically loaded shampoos, conditioners, and styling products can have adverse effects on our hair in the long run. Prolonged usage of these products causes build-up that is extremely bad for your hair and overall health. Use mild shampoos and conditioners.


We will show you some steps on styling this hair and the ingredients make silky and shiny remy hair extensions as follows:

  1. Steps on styling remy hair extensions:

Use a wide-toothed brush: A wide-toothed brush help to ensure that you will have fewer snags when combing the hair as its teeth are wider. Do not brush wavy or curly remy hair extension with bristled brushes like boar bristle brushes, because they can mess up the texture and pattern of your hair.


Spritz hair with water when combing it: If you have wavy, curly or textured hair, this may be very helpful. Water can help to add slip in order that you can comb the hair easily. It is necessary to have more slip, you can add to the water some leave-in conditioner and put in spray bottle. You can also buy wig spray to brush the hair.

Set hot tool for a cool setting: If you have remy hair extensions that allow you to use hot tool on, ensure that you use the cool setting of the curling iron or flat iron. However, you may melt the hair. Besides, styling changes you make by hot tools can keep on the hair permanently. Therefore, be careful if you use curling irons and flat irons. You can also curl straight hair in hot water. Set hair on rollers or curling rod, then dip it in hot water or you can spray hot water if you are wearing it. Dry it with a towel or let it naturally dry, then move out the curling rods when it is dry. Because remy hair extensions cannot bear the frequent changes in style, you should only do this when you really need to change hairstyle to avoid causing damage.

Rub oil on your remy hair extensions before combing it through: If your extensions become dry or without shiny, you should rub some oil like jojoba oil on the hair. Keep it on for about an hour, then wipe off by blotting with the towel. If any, wash hair out with the mild shampoo.


  1. The ingredients make silky and shiny remy hair extensions:

Once a week, doing a deep conditioning treatment in a few extra minutes could keep your hair stronger, healthier, and glossier. You please read carefully the product information as well as the effect, components for each type is right for your hair quality.

Some people believe that using natural oils as an essential step is a good method in order to make your hair stronger. These oils are often widely used and easy to find, including coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, etc. You get a bit of oil out of hand, rub your hair from roots to ends. After slightly massage, the nutrients can penetrate deeply into the hair fiber. If you do not have the time, try to do at least once a week.

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In addition, using a suitable diet is one way to get more beautiful hair. Drinking plenty of water will ensure that your hair is properly moisturized from the inside out. About eight glasses a day is ideal and standard. You often should keep a bottle by your side and sip from it.

Eating nutritious foods is the best way to protect not only the hair but also your health. It is suggested that your daily recommended allowances of vitamins A and E for shiny and healthy hair. Besides, be sure you are eating plenty of protein, which promotes hair growth. For examples: eggs and nuts are excellent sources of protein.

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And lastly, beware of hot water! It can dry out your remy hair extensions.To avoid this, after shampooing and conditioning, rinse with cool water in order to close the cuticle.


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