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Email scams are the most common ways of scamming people dated back to when the hotmail and yahoo's of the world started.

The current email spam filters are strong enough to establish malicious or fradulent emails. However, a few of those make way into our inbox - all credit to the creativity used by the cyber criminal in making it seem legit.

Here are a few examples of Email Scams:

1. The Fake Social Network Email.

The cyber criminal will send you an email stating that your account is being accessed by someone else. To stop this activity you have to immediately login to your account and secure it with a two-factor authentication. 

As you read this, there is a sense of urgency created in your mind. Your heart is pumping and you want to take action as soon as possible. So you click the button and land on a site that looks exactly like the real one. You enter your credentials and it works exactly as the original social networking site would. Just that it's not the original site. Its a phishing site created by the hacker which will save your login information and then redirect you to the original site - as if nothing bad happened.

2. Nigerian 419 scam

This is a simple scam. Someone contacts you stating they have millions of dollars that they want to move out of their country and into your bank account. To do that, they have to pay a fee which is a very nominal amount, eg: $100. You are asked to pay that fee if you want $10 million in your bank account.  You pay the nominal amount and then you never hear back from the person again. This scam started and was very popular in Nigeria and hence it got the name the Nigerian 419 scam. It is also called as the advance fee scam - a scam which lures you by promise of a large return if you paid a small advance fee.

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