Top 4 Best Refrigerators to Use at Your Home!

Refrigerators are popular kitchen appliances used in almost every household today. Here are our picks for the best refrigerators for all budgets, from Samsung to LG.3 min


Refrigerators are popular kitchen appliances used in almost every household today. It keeps your food fresh, free from harmful bacterial growth. However, when buying a refrigerator, you need to check certain aspects of the machine including your eating habits, kitchen design, features and design of the fridge and your budget.

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There are various refrigerators including single doors, double doors and side-by-side doors integrating different technologies. So, check out the top refrigerators that may suit your requirements, style and budget.

4 best brands for refrigerators: 

  1. LG :

LG refrigerators having single doors make ice 40% faster. Their energy consumption is also low with 4-star energy ratings on almost all the models. Operating at a voltage ranging from 90V to 310V, they have an anti-bacterial gasket. Two of the best single door LG refrigerator models are LG 215L GL-D221ASPX and LG 190L GL-B201ARGX.

LG double-door refrigerators come with Inverter Linear Compressor (ILC) which functions as a noise reduction component for the machine. It also helps save up to 51% energy. They come with 10 years of warranty and 20 years of certified lifespan. Two top models are LG 470L GL-T522GNSX Noble Steel and LG 335L GL-T372JASN.

French door or side-by-side door LG refrigerators are spacious. Some of them also have Wi-Fi connectivity. They have inverter linear compressor which helps to maintain durability. Additionally, these models can create moisture that helps keep your fruits and veggies fresh. One of the best models of LG in this category is LG 626L GC-B247SVUV.

  1. Samsung :

Single door Samsung refrigerators have 4-star energy ratings with stabiliser free operation that consumes less electricity. They have toughened glass shelves to carry up to 150kg of weight. These models have extra space at their sides to store fruits separately. You can look for models like Samsung 255L RR26N389YR8 and Samsung 192L RR20N272YR8.

Samsung has double-door fridges too with top-mounted freezer. Most of them usually have Digital Inverter Compressor that automatically controls temperature as per cooling requirements. They also have a door alarm to alert you if the door isn’t shut properly. You can go for models like 321L RT34M5518S8 and 253L RT28N722R3.

French door Samsung refrigerators have a different compartment for meat and fish. They hold larger items like milk cartoon. The design looks enduringly stylish that changes the entire look of your kitchen. Among all the models from this category, you can go for 826L RF289K9380SG.

  1. Whirlpool

Whirlpool single door refrigerators retain 12 hours of cooling even during power cuts and can preserve milk for up to 10 hours. The powerful compressor makes ice faster than any other product of this range. You can choose models like 185L 200IMPWCOOL PRM3S.

Again, Two-door Whirlpool refrigerators have Japanese Inverter Technology which ensures powerful cooling in no time. The ‘precision technology’ here helps you change the temperature. The model that you can buy is 265L NEO DF278PRM.

French-door Whirlpool refrigerators have an indicator for tracking the ice-making progress. The technology of Hybrid cooling ensures that the air doesn’t make food dry. Go for models like 678L FDBM650 if you prefer this design and features.

  1. Godrej

Godrej refrigerators having one door come with 10 years rust-free warranty. The air ducts are made in such a way so that they can prevent microorganisms effectively. Choose a model like Godrej RT EdgePro 190 CT 3.2 Refrigerator which has all these fantastic features.

Two-doors Godrej refrigerators have a unique feature. They have hooks in the freezer to hang plastic bags. They have warranty for 10 years on compressor and 1 year on the machine. A model like 260L RT EON 2.4 has incredible performance results.

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