Life Saving Health & Fitness Gadgets You Must Buy To Save Yourself In Medical Extremities

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  1. 1 AdhereTech Smart Wireless Pill Bottles

    If you're clumsy and tend to forget about a lot of important things you should do, like taking your medicines on time, then this homely gadget from the house of AdhereTech can become the perfect companion for you and your pills. These smart bottles give out a signal in the form of light beam or an alarm tone to remind you to take your daily dose of medicine. And if in any case, you forget, it will even remind you or your caretaker via an automated call or text messages about your medicine routine.
  2. 2 Withings Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer

    Withings Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer, unlike all the customary temperature checking devices doesn't require to be taken in your mouth, your armpit, or your back to get a reading. Just simply put it on your forehead or on your temple and the infrared scanner attached to the head of this device tracks your body temperature over the temporal artery which carries blood from the heart. It has a total of 16 sensors paneled to it to give you quick outputs, just within 2 seconds. You can also maintain a track of your readings via a mobile application.
  3. 3 Reliefband

    Relief band is a medically certified and clinically proven, FDA cleared wearable device to help you fight the certain frequent bouts of nausea and vomiting you feel during morning sickness, motion sickness and VR gaming. It has five different settings assigned to it, all you are needed to do is select the one you think is going to make you feel better, then sit back and watch yourself lighten up. It uses the concept of neuromodulation to create a soft pulse on the undersurface of your wrist which then travels to your body's central nervous system and gives off a tingling sensation, thereby, aiding you.
  4. 4 Gyenno Cup

    Meet the smart water bottle of the new generation, the Gyenno Cup, which you can never lose or misplace, fortunately. This washable piece of technology is a wondrous gadget in its own way, it vibrates to alert you that you need to drink water and it will even alert you in case you're not drinking enough water everyday. The bottle cum cup has a screen on its front that displays the date, time, day, temperature of the water stored in it and how much more you need to take in to meet your daily consumption goal. This cup will even give you a reminder whenever it needs cleaning or the water contained in it is too hot.
  5. 5 AV400 Vein Viewing System

    The AV400 Vein Viewing System device is a widget designed to digitally display the vasculature on the surface of the skin which ultimately helps clinicians and doctors to see the veins more closely and lucidly, hence, helping them to avoid valves or bifurcations. It's lightweight and small which makes it easily portable and handy. This mobile and helpful gadget makes viewing of bumps, clumps and other issues with veins easier and simpler. Since it won't come in contact with your skin, you won't require a protective covering or the need to sterilize your skin.
  6. 6 VScan by GE

    The VScan by GE is a hughly conductive examination device. This smart device basically serves the purpose of an ultrasound machine. This device will allow you to scan and access different parts of the body such as, the abdomen, cardiac, urology, fetal, thoracic etc. This convenient and easily portable device also saves you the trouble of going through long and detained processes of X-Rays, and also saves you a lot of testing time.

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Ankita Kumari

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