Leadership – The Untold Secret That You Must Read

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leadership or dictatorship
leadership or dictatorship

Before I actually start writing this blog, I would like to give some credit to two of my school friends (Megha Chauhan and the other one requested to remain nameless) for providing with the idea for this blog.


A few days back I was catching up with one of my school friends. It is always a treat to speak with them and a soothing experience to cherish those memories. In between suddenly, he said – “How you do it?”

“Do what?” – I replied.

“How you make others accept your words? There was something more than of you being famous because of which people use to follow you. And you continued the same in your college, how you make people accept you as a leader?” – He asked.

I replied – “I am flattered with your question, you people have always overestimated me, anyway, you gave me my second topic for my blog. Thanks. Read that, you will get my answer.”


There are two types of leader, one whose words are accepted because people respect them. Second, whose words are accepted because people fear them. Later one is not a leader, but a dictator.

To make people respect your words, it is very important that they believe in you, they trust you. And that is the most difficult part because you can’t forcefully make them believe in you, you need to be patient and let time provide you with that opportunity, where your course of action should gain their trust. From there the journey of a leader starts.


Leadership is not a formula to apply, neither a process to follow but is a character you need to build.

You need to be optimistic visionary, that is very important. You should know where you want your team to reach and should hunt for opportunities. This optimism will give your whole team motivation. As a leader, you should be happy and contented yourself, coz then people will keep coming to you for your energy, that’s what matter. You have to be the burning candle when your people are dealing with the darkness.


Sometimes you need to carry them when they are not at their best, it is important to make them feel the sense of belongingness and a part of a team. You need to take him/her out of that, and motivate him/her to gain his/her best memento again. As a leader, you need to have some technical expertise, so that you can rightly guide them. This expertise is also very important when you find some pollutant elements and you have to deal with them and had to take some strict actions.


Give credit to your people for their efforts, work on their individual growth too. When they will grow individually, the growth of your team will take a pace, and with that, you will grow as a leader. You need to be innovative to deal with dynamic situations. As a leader, you need to set an example from your actions i.e., if you ask your people to follow some rules, set an example by following yourself.


It is also very important to understand that though you are a leader, still, you are only human. Even you can make mistakes, you should never lose your hope or morale, coz when you do that there you will loose your leadership. If you did some mistake, it’s OK, embrace it, learn from it and carry on. You accepted your people’s mistakes, even they will accept yours. Build that repo.


As an individual, I still need to learn more on this. Because with your experiences, your character grow.



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