Just hold my hand MUM! Always!

This post is all about the fears of a child who is in dilemma and is scared to make decisions in life. She wants her mother to be a part of her life always!1 min


Passionate to roam in the whole world alone but scared to lose my family.
I don’t know how but it just hit me today, that all my passion and dreams are worthless without you. If I don’t have you, I have nothing. But the things I wanna do will not be accomplished if I stopped moving. Life throws some difficult challenges on us but this one, this one is a big one. You or passion? It’s heartbreaking to choose one. But if I follow my passion of traveling the world , I’ll get very less time to spend with you. The movie “ye jeewani hai deewani” gave me goosebumps, I felt the pain. I want to be close to you, laying my head in your laps and thinking of nothing but you.
Complications, disasters are just about to occur and I’m scared mum, I don’t know how I’ll face them, I don’t even know if I’m capable of holding that pain. I’m scared mum, I’m scared to death. I never knew that life will be so hard on me when I grow up but here I’m all grown up, ready to take my decisions. I wish you can choose for me. I cry mum. I need you in every part of my life. I need you untill I die. Your presence can cause miracles. The world, travelling I’m passionate for it, I’m hungry for it but you give me that energy, that vibe that I always need to lead on in my life. I don’t know mum but I love you real hard.


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