Visiting Volcano Osorno(esp. Volcan Osorno)1 min


I, Shantamurti( Shark) and my wife, Jennifer(Jenni) have been traveling ever since we met for the first time. Started with Lyon in France, we started traveling Europe and South America and now India. One of the best trips we had has to be Chile. Traveling Chile has been the most intriguing and fun I would say. The best part of Chile according to me is the Andes. Hey there, readers Europe is overrated. Chile is quite chilling, this place we visited in June this year is called the Volcano Osorno. It is an active volcano in the Andes range with a height of 3000 meters. We started from Puerto Varas in the South of Chile in the morning on a rural bus with beautiful country music(not John Denver haha). We reached a lake and we finally got the first sight of this amazing volcano from distance, What you will see attached is an amateur attempt from me to click this majestic view.


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