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No guys, this isn’t another marketing stunt by Nestle or Cadbury. This is legit. This 4th variety of chocolate, which is really pink, is called Ruby Chocolate.

Ruby Chocolate was invented by Barry Callebaut, a Swiss Chocolatier and it is the first chocolate to debut in the last 80+ years. This was achieved with the Ruby cocoa bean, through a technique that delivered the flavour and the pink accent that is present in the bean.

Here are a few facts about the Ruby Chocolate that is set to be every Instagrammers’ fantasy and a staple on every Valentines day.


A taste like no other

The Ruby Chocolate is believed to taste sweet yet sour, with fruitiness of berries and little to no flavour of cocoa that is associated with all the other varieties of chocolate.

It is legitimately Pink

It’s got no artificial colouring at all and the pink comes naturally from the Ruby bean.

It isn’t the most recent discovery

Ruby Chocolate isn’t a brand new discovery. In fact, one of the firm’s researcher discovered “unique attributes” in the bean more than a dozen years ago. It however took them this long to refine it with the help of their technicians and for the marketing team to strategically place it among the millennial market to fulfill their new need of “hedonistic indulgence”.  

The process is a hush-hush

The actual technique that was used to isolate the “unique attributes” of what made the ruby cocoa Ruby Chocolate and the ingredients used is kept top secret. The discovery was also kept a secret from the world, when it happened more than 12 years ago.

It isn’t sold in the retail market

The chocolate is still undergoing certification from the FSA and since Callebaut only sells its products to other businesses such as bakeries and confectioneries, it is not sure as to when it will be available to end consumers.


Even with all the hype created, the Ruby Chocolate failed to convince chocolatiers, experts and consultants. In fact most believe that the Ruby Chocolate is a “marketing gimmick” and a “cost cutting strategy” by Barry Callebaut. Some even consider this an insult to fine flavour chocolate.

Still, it didn’t stop curious connoisseurs from sampling it and certainly won’t stop me waiting to try it. Would you want to try it too?  


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