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We’ve all got lost down YouTube holes, and are familiar with the feeling of watching random videos at 2 am instead of studying up for our finals. (I’m guilty of the same). Here we bring to you, a couple of Web Series to binge watch (so you can waste 2 hours of your time instead of 10 minutes. You’re welcome.)

  1. Permanent Roommates

Strap in as Mickesh proves to be the goofiest boyfriend ever- but then turns out to be one of the few level-headed people in the show. Tanya and Mickesh’s story is relatable, and it is refreshing to watch a series not dramatized by overly produced music, cliched dialogues, or unrealistic story lines. Just a couple living out the struggles of life.

  1. Girl in the City

You only watched this because of Mithila Palkar, admit it. She’s the star of the show, which follows a small-town girl who moves to Mumbai to follow her “passion for fashion”. While you envy Mithila’s wardrobe and gorgeous curls, the show describes her struggles in the city. Although the episodes are quite short, they don’t fail to make you smile.

  1. Little things

The title of the show is apt. It portrays the lives of Kavya and Dhruv, a live-in couple who go about their routines while finding time to enjoy the little things in life- good food, lazy weekends, partying, watching GoT together. It stars Mithila Palkar (everything the girl touches, turns to gold) and Dhruv Sehgal whose antics never fail to bring a smile on your face. Not to mention, the title track is catchy too!

  1. Pitchers

This is a show that has inspired one too many budding entrepreneurs to dream of launching their own company. It shows a group of friends who come up with their own startup and go against all odds to reach where they do. “Tu Beer Hai” became the catchphrase of the year, and the fine performances made the series a hit.

  1. Official Chukyagiri

This follows the life of Spandan Chukiya (hah), a hard-working, persevering intern who makes it to the big city to his dream job- which doesn’t turn out as expected. He is exploited, insulted, but continues to work. Which ultimately gets him his just rewards. It is a satisfying story for everybody who’s looking for inspiration, and features Sumit Vyas- as a drone. No, we’re not kidding. And Mithila Palker of course, no YouTue series seems to be complete without her.

  1. TVF Tripling

Every group’s dream. Going on a trip with siblings (or friends), it follows Chandan, Chanchal, and Chitvan- three siblings who go off an unplanned road trip. The fun-filled show is just the kind of weekend binge watch you need (and just the right inspiration you need to pack your bags and go off).


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