Incognito eyes behind your back!!!

Personal information's are for sale2 min


Your information's are for sale!!!. If you need someones personal information without even their knowledge you can get it from the black market for a cheap price. Personal information that we enter into different websites is not safe anymore. Based on a report that is been published on a newspaper it is said that lakhs of personnel information, including credit card details, address, phone number, bank account number, email, pan card details, date of birth and so on are available in black market.

In the global market, data is an expensive item, both in terms of money and its value. Lot of data analyzing agencies, advertising companies are buying our details. Globally, data broking is an approximately $200-billion industry. No a common man haven't thought about that their information would be such valuable. Marketing products generate over 50% revenue, followed by risk mitigation, which constitutes approximately 45% of the revenue, and, finally, people search constitutes the remainder,” says Kannan Sivasubramanian, VP of research firm Aranca. When you sign up for free discounts, fill out questionnaires etc you are providng your data involuntarily. In India, more than 8000 cases were reported to Reserve bank of India for frauding activities on the Credit card. How can someone far away from us, those who even don't know our name can withdraw money from our account? It's time for us to think. In the global scenario, our information is sold at a rate of Rs.1. Those who collect our data has information about millions of people, they are making money by selling our data.

Recent news on data piracy was about TRAI chairman who threw a challenge and tweeted his 12-digit Aadhar asking if it had made him vulnerable to any security risk. After few hours a french security expert nicknamed Elliot Alderson caused ripples on the social media by leaking "personal address, DoB, alternate phone number" of R.H.Sharma, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) chairman. Fake phone calls from banks and financial fraud activities is a common occurrence in our country. How can an outsider know the basic information relating to the bank account of a person?. Those information that we thought that is private is getting into the hands of a third person. Unknown emails and phone calls that we receive daily are results of this.

Recently after Cambridge Analytica another data analytical company named Crimson Hexagon were suspended by Facebook on data piracy issue. Gary King Crimson current head of "social science one" Facebook's independent research project was the co-founder of Hexagon. The company had collected more than one lakh crore posts from different social medias. Facebook had declared an investigation on that company to check whether they had violated Facebook terms, the company head replied that they haven't violated any terms of Facebook.

Internet had become an inevitable part of our day to day life. Even though it is told that our data is safe, it is not. The recent scenarios proved that we are being looted without our knowledge. As the time passes we will know more about in how many ways we have been looted.


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