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What is Digital Marketing?

The term digital marketing means to market the products or the services on the digital platform by using many of the digital technologies like SEO, SMO, SMM, PPC, etc. In this competitive world, a website needs a lot of relevant factors to rank on top of the Search Engine. And for each keyword, hundreds of websites are targeting there with you. So, it’s doesn’t depend only upon the single factor. Now, let me aware you with the major factor which surely helps during SEO and other digital marketing techniques, and the term is Content Writing.

Content helps in ranking of the Website

Google, the search engine platform defines some algorithm, which usually people target with every possible technique to rank their website on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). But, there is a technique which is basically common in every of the algorithm, the quality of the content. Google crawl your website and make sure for the content quality first, and then approachs for another things.

Use Meta Description in the Content

This for all those who are well aware with the term Meta description. This is one such factor which needs a very short description which shows while displaying your website on SERP. So, its need to be effective and catchy for the particular post to stop scrolling the viewer and visit on your website.

Target Relevant Keywords in the Content

Content is all depends upon the keyword. Before writing content on any of the niche, you should always be familiar with the keyword which relates with the topic. Think according to the audiences, that what he/ she could search on Google which helps them to visit your website. Target keywords in the Title, and in the description with all primary, secondary, tertiary or any other type of keyword. So, basically these are some of general reasons which help to ensure you to focus on content while doing Seo to rank on SERP.

Do you think of any other factor? Then, you’re all welcome to share your opinion with me!


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