I’m Blogger, Bitch! And This Is What I Learnt At BNLF !

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The I’m Blogger, Bitch! – Business Card left a lasting impression with the bloggers who attended #BNLF. 

The much talked about business card at #BNLF 2015. Did you get one too? Tweet it & share the love!

On request, here’s the back of the card

Back cover of the I’m Blogger Bitch Business Card.
It says – Blog : It, Me, You, Off, them, this, everybody, everything and the last check box ticked denoting blog the world!

Now that I’ve got that off my chest at the very beginning of the post instead of a plug somewhere in between, let’s proceed to the real juice.

The two day bloggers networking event #BNLF meet started with a bang on 31st October 2015. Over 600 bloggers turned up at the event and soaked in as much as they could from critically acclaimed national and international speakers. However, no one would deny that the most learning happened during the networking session with fellow bloggers.

I’ve summed up the Blog Now Live Forever (BNLF) 2 day event take aways from speakers/bloggers below:

Bruce Dickinson: Lead singer and front man of Iron Maiden. Bruce also has muddied his hands with Fencing, Flying airplanes, Aviation, Hosting Radio and TV shows, Authoring novels and film scripts and Brewing tasty beer . 

Take Away from Bruce Dickinson:

  • Make Fans, Not Customers !
  • Convert your customers to fans for a successful business blog
  • You have a brain, you have a plan, you can’t b hopeless… 0+0 = 1 or 10 or 100 .. or can end up into much more.
  • Homeless means no where to go, no ideas to think. It does not mean nowhere to sleep.
  • Business is primarily about managing people
  • A customer can go away. But a fan comes back for more.
  • When you’ve nothing, think of it as a blessing , asserting that when you’ve nothing to lose, you’ll be prepared to chance
  • Man up and get things to work
  • Do something that works for everyone
  • Good businesses don’t exploit each other .. it should be a win win
  • Your team makes the company
  • Telephone is better than email. Pick up the call and talk instead of waiting for email to come.
  • You have to do things that make people’s lives better.
  • Bruce is not on twitter. He has better things to do in his life than tweeting.

Jeff Bullas – #1 Content Marketing Influencer, Social Media Marketing Strategist & Speaker, Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer, Huffington Top 100 Business Twitter Accounts

Take Aways from Jeff Bullas:
  • DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT! Publish, publish, publish!
  • Jeff started his blog in 2008. He became famous in 2015. Success with blogging takes time.
  • Your job in blogging is not to be forgotten.
  • 50% of world population are introverts. You can be introvert and still have a great blog.
  • Three secrets of great social media : Attract > Learn to Tweet right > Experiment till you find what works.
  • Blogging is a collection of your passionate interests.
  • The way to reach ones heart not only their mind is to be open and vulnerable.
  • The web will indeed create a form of immortality or legacy for bloggers.
  • To inspire & educate people to win at business & life in a digital world
  • I have burning curiosity about the future. The blog is the intersection of those passions.
  • Read a lot.Write a lot.Be a writer. Create contagious content.Make the blog memorable. Leave a legacy.
  • Controversial and negative headlines are traffic magnet. 
  • Headline is the most seducing part of a content
  • The best thing about #blogging: You discover yourself through the journey.
  • I can create my own stories… that makes me powerful… I create, I publish… I exist
  • Blog before breakfast -WHY? Because its Your time. Be persistent. Beat the smart & the lazy!
  • I will give you great content if you give me your email
  • Remove dates from your blog posts
  • Write Every Green Content
  • Share rates go up by 600 percent if your blogpost has images
  • Big fonts and great formatting with easy reading keeps your audience with you until the end of the blogpost
  • Keep the mind of a beginner. Blogging is not only art, it’s also science
  • Twitter is powerful and simple. Use it.
  • Be Everywhere, on all social channels. Do not put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Blog to discover yourself.
  • Blog so that you live forever.

Christoph Trappe : IMA Marketer of the Year – 2015, is a career storyteller who has worked as a journalist, a nonprofit executive, and a content marketing strategist and consultant. 

Take Aways from Christoph Trappe:
  • Speeches are just like conversations.
  • Being Unique Counts. It doesn’t matter what you write but who you are… you have to be someone to get published.
  • 60-30-10 ‰ Rule – Talking / Responding – Resharing / link – The best tip to successful blogging
  • Best stories have conflict
  • I don’t have time to blog. I make time.
  • You have to measure if its working or not working.
  • Everyone is an influencer to somebody. You, too.
  • Authentic stories can kill friendships.
  • Stop saying its hard to share authentic stories.
  • Our stories don’t die, unless we don’t share them.

Anshul Tewari – Founder of YouthKiAwaaz


Take Away from Anshul’s Talk
  • Build a small but loyal audience
  • Public Opinion is the new superpower
  • Figure out an audience and grow them to monetise your blog
  • Community building is challenging. Do your best and let time reward your karma.
  • Blogging not only changes lives, it saves lives!
  • One blog can make a difference

Arnab Ray : A bong living in the US. He’s written 3 best seller books and is a contributor to New York Times India Ink, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal Online, Times of India, DNA and Outlook etc.

Take Aways from Arnab Ray:

  • Arnab spoke about How Blogging Changed His Life (And Could Change Yours Too)
  • Every Sentence in a short story should count
  • Be an active reader, that is helpful for both authors and readers:
  • You can manage your passion being with profession… You just have that urge
  • Never take a job at a place which clashes with your passion to blog.
  • I’m happy not to make money from writing, because it allows me to be honest
  • Learning is everywhere, even in bajrangi bhaijan and bollywood. 
  • What you write is your content, you cannot dilute it to suite public opinions. Express freely
  • Invest time to learn the language that you blog in. Vowels are there for a reason.
  • ‘Abuse is not okay.’ ‘Never back down, never be afraid to piss people off’ 


Kanan Gill : Funny Video Blogger from Youtube, Writer, Stand up Comedian

Take Aways from Kanan Gill:

  • He’s been miserable and clueless for decades and he’s survived. His funny video reviews on youtube got him in the lime light eventually. So Stay Positive. 
  • The size of ha-penis is directly proportional to practicality
  • Every man’s desire is to “Be Loved and Be Lovely”
  • Don’t expect quick success.
  • Don’t expect too much from yourself.
  • Be practical and happiness will follow.
  • Live life such that on your death bed, if someone asksKanan Gill. Who?, the reply is Oh, nice guy. Great guy.

Preeti Shenoy : India’s Highest Selling Woman Writer.

Take aways from Preeti Shenoy:

  • Her first book was based off her blog posts.
  • I tried to grow carrots, all I grew was frustrations” while talking abt her organic garden in “pushing your limits.”
  • Many people who try to copy personality of successful blogger/writer That’s a big put-off”
  • Blog regularly. Be genuine. Be Nice. Be yourself!
  • Blogging has made me live the life I thought was possible only in dreams
  • Never get a writer’s block . You can write about anything anytime
  • Develop your skill sets… #discipline #consistency is very important 
  • Don’t let rejection affect you. Her 2nd book Life is…  got rejected 39 times!
  • Do something you have never done

Purba Ray: Blogger and Contributor with IBN live, NRI Section of TOI and currently blogs for Huffington post.

Take aways from Purba Ray:

  • Be yourself be genuine… Find yourself in your writing.
  • Blogging is a passion, and it can ignite someone else’s desire to do something worthwhile.
  • Never underestimate the power of your words, the reach of your blog
  • As long as women wait for men to treat them as equals, they will never be empowered.
  • I may not be famous but I have the satisfaction that many take solace from my writing.
PS: I’ve not captured the fun activities and sponsors because I wanted to concentrate on the learnings and not dilute the focus of this blog post.
We Blog, that’s why we were at #BNLF! 
If I’ve missed some learnings, do write about it in the comments section and make it complete 🙂

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