I’m all yours, will you dare to be mine?

1 min


If thinking of you is making me aware of how bad you want to talk to me, I’m all yours;

If looking at those grey clouds are worrying you, I want to be your permanent shelter;

I can make you happy only when you choose to share your differences with me, 

I can be your odd all the time;

If those silence hurt you, it’s probably me figuring out to play your voice at loudest;

And if you search to talk to someone, 

I can be an all-time black coffee;

If you want to know your importance,

I can describe it in the longest essay you want;

If you want to smile and make your stomach laugh out loud, I can be your alcohol;

If you want to relax and ask yourself how progressive are you,

I can be your weekend dipped in champagne glasses; 

Maybe it’s just you treating me right, But I can calm your anger with a fresh beach breeze;

If your nights were dealing with nightmares,

I can be your cherry bloomy bright text;

Just to pour my heart out to you, 

I want to breathe and exist for the rest of my life with you.


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