Human Body: A Marvellous Machine

Still wondering about what a simple-looking human body can do? This article will make you gain knowledge of what in reality our bodies are capable of doing.4 min


We live in an amazing world with so many creatures like us. The greatest of all the creations on earth is the man himself, the marvelous machine, very precise and efficient in nature. The human body has a dynamic framework of bones and cartilages called the skeleton. The human skeleton is way too flexible, with the hinges and joints that were made by the creator for us to move. Also in order to cut down the harmful frictions, such moving parts must get lubricated. Just like the man-made machines are lubricated by an outside source. But the human body lubricates itself by manufacturing a jelly-like substance in the right amount at every right place where it is needed.

A strong case can be made for the most complex and ingenious thing in the universe, the human body! Our bodies are composed of various complex organs like eyes, kidneys, etc. Whereas the human brain makes the most advanced computer in today’s world. The number of cells and synapses in our brains are compared to the number of stars in the universe by scientists.

The human body is an incredibly complex design and powerful evidence of its creator mindset. There are many functions that the brain and body perform on an everyday basis. Thousands of books have been written on the working of the brain, heart, lungs, etc., of the human body!

Have you wondered how many times in a minute a baby blinks? Or how big your brain would be without all those wrinkles in it? Or how long your intestines would be if you stretched them out of yourself?

Well, while keeping all of your internal organs safe inside, we have found out all the answers to your questions plus with some mind-blowing facts on the human body.

1. The cornea present in the eyes is the only part of the body that has no blood supply. It gets oxygen directly from the air itself.

2. The human body contains enough fat to make at least seven average size soap bars.

3. Embryos tend to develop fingerprints three months after the conception period.

4. Between the era of birth and death, the human body goes from having 300 bones in the starting to 206 bones in the end.

5. Hearts can easily beat outside the human body.

6. When you blush after seeing a loved one, the inside of your stomach does that too.

7. Humans have a mechanism of “diving reflex” that could shut down all the functions of the body when submerged in water to prevent the human from drowning.

8. There is a certain type of tumor that can grow its own teeth and hair, they’re usually called teratomas.

9. Humans are bioluminescent in nature, meaning that the light isn’t perceptible to the human eye at all.

10. Astronaut’s bodies can grow up to two inches in height in outer space.

11. A human brain can survive for just a span of five to ten minutes without oxygen.

12. Under the cases of extreme starvation, the brain has the power to eat itself.

13. When you are listening to music, your heartbeat will definitely sync with the rhythm of the beat.

14. Your small intestine is roughly around 23 feet long.

15. A quarter of your bones in a human body is in their feet.

16. Every organ you have a pair of, you can survive on one of them also.

17. There are more than 100,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body.

18. You are taller in the morning than at night.

19. Humans can’t breathe and swallow at the same time.

20. Your left kidney is higher in level than your right kidney.

21. Your ears and your nose will never stop growing in your whole life.

22. “Pregnancy brain” is a real thing. A woman’s brain would actually shrink during her pregnancy.

23. If one smoothed out all of the wrinkles in a human brain, it would lay out as flat the size of a pillowcase.

24. Stomach acid can dissolve metal easily. If it touched your skin, it would burn right into it.

25. At some point, you may have fought cancer in your life.

26. The average human body produces enough saliva in their lifetime to fill out two swimming pools.

27. Tongue prints are just as unique as human fingerprints.

28. The human body sheds around 600,000 particles of skin every hour.

29. Human babies only blink once or twice in a minute, while the adult average is 10 times per minute.

30. The jaw muscle is the strongest one in the human body.

31. While awake, the human body’s brain produces enough electricity to light up a lightbulb.

32. In terms of a camera, the human eye is around 576 megapixels.

33. The human body can carry, about four pounds of bacteria in their body.

34. The highest recorded fever of a human body was 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

35. 50 percent of your hand strength comes from your little pinky finger.

36. Men’s testicles hang below their bodies as the sperm produced would die at body temperature.

37. Cornflakes have more genes than human beings do.

38. Sex only burns about 3.6 calories a minute for an average human body.

39. Humans can’t digest grass for sure. Human beings would need many more stomachs to digest grass, just like cows.

40. The scientific name for stomach growls in a human body is “borborygmus.”

The basic chemicals in our body can be found out anywhere on the earth. But, these useful chemicals cannot send themselves into cell tissues, organs, and systems. This could only happen with an input of intelligence. Human bodies have been designed with the ability to pass on the program information to the next generation with the help of simple chemicals present in the bodies.

If you examine all the pieces of evidence, you will conclude that our body did not evolve just by chance. Our creator has given us this precious body, and we should continue to move ahead in our appreciation of its incredible designing.

We are a lot more than just the chemicals that are present in our body. We are a special creation of our creator.


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