How to Write a Good Blog?

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Blogging is one of the major hit creative industry has to offer today. Creative writing mixed with a pinch of ideas in enough to take your blog through the roof but getting that kick at the beginning is often difficult. Blogging is just like driving you can study the traffic codes, or read articles on how to write a good blog but the real test is only when you get behind the wheel for action.

Often people blog as it is a passion they never want to give up on, but blogging behind the scenes can do wonders for you. There are no lies in the rumors that millions of people today have discovered the advantages of blogging and are using it as a source to earn and promote their business.

A creative and informative blog can be a huge boost for your website if you can connect it with the needs of your targeted audience.

So here are some steps to consider if you are planning to start a new blog.

  • Portray a Plan for your Blog

The starting is often cheerful, but after a point of time, everything sounds dull and deadly. Writing a blog is not an issue as bloggers are often good with words, but make the deal a mountain to climb is thinking of an idea they will write about. This is the only reason why planning your deeds at the beginning is necessary.

Before starting a blog make sure you will have something to write about it even after 365 years. Do

research on the niche, and make sure the topic is something you are interested in. Diving somewhere where everyone is diving just because things are quietly sorted there is not what a good blogger is habitual of.

Like when my friend Alicia started a blog for her company, she planned ahead of the topics she will write upon which will provide value to engineers who wanted  help with their cdr-report.

Plus, great blog posts don’t just happen, you need to properly format your blog and each word should be written after thorough research. There will be instances where you will have to write on pretty dried topics you even don’t know a word about. Yes, this is true bloggers are not always versed in everything, they do research when needed and this is what makes them a reliable source of information.

  • Start With a Catchy Headline

If you want people to stay on your blog and proceed with what you have penned down, make sure you give them a reason to stay. An attractive headline is a marketing strategy which can definitely boost up your blog’s popularity and fan base.

The idea here is to summarize the whole content you have written on the blog in just a few words making it self-explanatory and attractive. Most of the bloggers have a habit of slating the heading of the blog after they finish writing the content. This can sound unrealistic but is the best way too to gift you a healthy heading for your blog.

There are various techniques one can follow when writing a headline for example on the point headline, posing a question in your headline, whatever you do just make sure it interests the audience out there.

  • Let's dive into the Writing Part

Here is the real test of your creative thinking. Basically, there are 2 main approaches you can look for when writing a blog. Firstly, write everything you can come up with in one go or take multiple breaks when you feel so. This depends on what you are habitual or comfortable with.

Each approach has its own advantage and disadvantage. Getting as much as possible in one sitting is what I recommend. The reason behind this is once you finish penning all your ideas at once you give space to more ideas to feed up. Then the next time you will sit to revise your blog there will always be something new to add to it.

  • Use your sense of Picturesque

Often people feel bored when the blog is too long as they don’t have the will and focus to read lengthy blogs which lack pictures. It is often recommended to add pictures on your blog as it keeps the audience excited and gives them the reason to scroll through.

There are many advantages of adding pictures to your blog. Like images can be the best addition to support any of the punch lines you have penned. Images are also used to make your blog flow smoothly and it is a great way to make your lengthy paragraphs self-explanatory.

Also, when writing an informative blog including pie charts, graphs, info graphics, tables, etc can support the facts you have written. This way you can also stick even those people with your blog who don’t like going through words.

  • Review Your Creativity

In the end, when you feel like you are done with the blog, be sure to read and review it once. No matter how well you thought you had written it, you are bound to find a few mistakes/alterations you want to redo.

There will always be at least one point where you will think "hmm….maybe this will sound a bit better like this" and guess what, you will most probably be right! When we are writing a blog, a flow is set in our brain, and we start thinking linearly. But when you read it again, your mind is open to suggestions and you get new ideas which are probably better. So always make sure you review your blog once when you are done.

This is all you need to know about blogging and how to write a good blog. Nothing can go wrong if you follow these steps sincerely and this will help you master the art of blogging. So if you have an idea you will like to share with the people around make sure you


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