How To Select Keywords For AdWords?

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After building your AdWords account, you would know how much importance is placed on the keyword list. Now, the question arises – 

What exactly is a keyword and how does one select keywords for AdWords ?

Keyword maybe defined as those words or phrases that a user types for searches, and which places your ad in their view.  Hence if you need your ad to come up while they search their queries, it is essential that you use correct keywords. Firstly, it shows how many people search for similar/exact same thing. Secondly, it also shows how individuals display their interests on the net.

Steps To Find Keywords

While thinking of those perfects words that define your ad, it might help noting them down all at one place.  This brainstorming helps since you might come up with something unique- something that is common to every man who searches it, but is different than done before. Words with double meanings should be avoided.

Some ways of making lists are:

    • Use synonyms
    • More than one word phrases can be used
    • Play with grammar, and use different punctuations.
    • Target a particular service problem is offering and use it.
    Since you don’t know which are the perfect words/phrases, list down hundreds of words if they turn up in your brainstorming session. When it’s time for elimination, this way you still have options left.

    AdWords Keywords Tools

    When you don’t have the time to make a keyword list of several hundred phrases, an easier option is to use statistical tools. The advantage you gain is that
    • Exact number of people searching same phrase is known.
    • Sites that use same phrases are also enlisted.
    • Similar terms that people search also are shown.
    The following tools would assist you in developing your initial keyword list:
    • AdWords Tool
    • AdWords ‘Search Based
    • Google Insights for Search
    • Google WonderWheel
    • Wordstream
    • Wordtracker

    When you are done compiling the list from all avenues- research tools and your own suggestions, making a spreadsheet keeps it more organized. Consequentially, by clustering and grouping your data with the message of your ad, you would eventually find your perfect advertising phrases and words.

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